Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Stop

Holiday rush...flight cancelled..a night stop at Century Park Hotel.Overpriced food and room but things are's free:) 

Life is Good!



  1. Are you a photographer? Your photos are always so beautiful that I can't stop watch them.
    It seems to me that you had a lovely time at the hotel and restaurant :)

  2. Great pictured!! The food looks good! :) looks like you had a good time!


  3. Fabulous photos, I love the softness!

    Great blog :)

    Christine @

  4. I love splurging (if money permits)! Suportado kita sa hobby na yan! =)

  5. beautiful pictures you have!

    happy new year to you :)

  6. I love the pictures. Also so what kind of pillow did you get?> I love the feedback... Me inspirational...??? I don't know about that but that is awesome. Thanks for the comments, Keepem coming!

  7. @Starlight
    I'm a frustrated photographer..hoping to be a PRO:)

    @Mrs. Durben

    A magic pillow...I'll create an entry about it:) I always look forward after work hitting the sack with my self gift soft pillow..a big thanks for the inspiration:)

  8. thanks for the comment on my blog! I would love if you followed me!

    but you have a great blog, i love your pictures.. you life looks so glamorous!


Life is good and It would be my pleasure to read your comments

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