Saturday, November 24, 2012

Camsur Watersports Complex: My first wakeboarding experience

Bicol Trip!

After hours of journey from Cagsawa Ruins, through farmlands, mountains and breathtaking scenery of the region we finally arrived at CamSur.
We used the Starex Van for the 3 days bicol trip which owned by our friend and of course we have our fair share of  misfortunes.

    Good thing our driver kuya Ceasar the one wearing white shirt was able to fix it. Thanks God!
 Tuloy ang ligaya:)
Welcome to CamSur!
photo via 
We are all excited for the wakeboarding but since we been on the road for hours we first had
our late lunch on thier own Clubhouse Restaurant & Bar
 Patay gutom mode na!

  Warning! Food Porn!
all prices are reasonable
Laing : traditional Bicolano dish of sautéed taro leaves in a spicy coconut milk sauce
Bicol Express: Pork strips with baby shrimps in a very spicy coconut cream sauce.
A Bicol Specialty!
Grilled lemon butter Tanigue served with rice
Pork Barbeque- Two sticks of barbecued pork served with java rice
After the sumptuous late lunch, gastronomic experience or whatever adjective perfect to describe it! One thing for sure! Happy tummy! We rested for a while and checked other amenities.
They have cabanas for rentals, swimming pool, game room, Spa: massage and free wifi! world class! ang bonggels!
This could be the reason why international competitions is being held here.

-1st wakeboarding Experience-
For the rates you can check this link: CWC. They can accommodate you either morning, afternoon or night all day. Check kayo ng bonggels kc mas mura sya pag di peak hours and they said it’s for 2 hours lang! dedmahin nyo! Hahaha…not true we stay for 4 hours more fun more sakit sa katawan! no additional charges!

You have to deposit P500+ Valid ID but it’s refundable upon return of the gear: vest and helmet baka uwi mo daw! souvenir:)
Clean rest room and they also offer lockers...No hassle!
  The Winch Park is for beginners and the strength is 30 which is slower that the main Cable
 Park pero kung feel mo umagaw ng eksena gow! I heard the strength of the cable pull is at 80!
 kalowka! buwis buhay!
Simplangers ang peg! and this cute little boy help me:) try again lang daw! go go lang!
For beginners, they said it's advisable first to try the knee-boarding pero  dahil iba ang level at akala mo di takot..hahaha. I jumped into standing position and after two fail at pag inum ng napaka  fresh na water..hahaha slimy water.... I was able to do it! You don't have to worry may briefing chiniz before you drink gallons of slimy waters..serioulsy they will teach you the right position of arms and legs in 5 minutes:)
But I was not scared at all, coz back in college days I do skimboarding every weekend since the beach is just a step away from home sa probinsya! At na miss ko tuloy ang ala California girl lifestyle ko echos! By the way skimboarding or skimming is you glide across the water’s surface it’s similar to surfing but it takes place near the shore.
Seriously we had fun, we spent 4 hours on the Winch Park and we only stop when our muscles
 felt numb. Braso kung braso! Feeling ko braso de Mercedes na!
then lounge at the pool since no extra charge kc naging friendship bond namin yong
guy sa counter GL lang labanan echos! For those who wakeboard free of charge pero kung nag pa sweet ka lang and you want to use the pool P100 will be true di na nag bayad ang 2 friendship ko..di na siningil...thanks Kuya:)
Ayan walang kapaguran! swimming gow!
Then at 10:00 pm we bid goodbye to CamSur with an aching big smile with all  the
physical activities, we badly need a hot shower to ease those muscles pain and good sleep.
But truely with all the adrenaline rush. I discovered the excitement and exhiliration of wakeboarding!
So my next plan is to visit the Republ1c Wakepark @ Nuvali: Sta Rosa Laguna!
And my only advice if your going to try wakeboarding:

If you fall, let go of the rope or you will get into all sorts of funny (for spectators)
and uncomfortable (for yourself) positions :). wag ng mag paka bayani!
And we hit back the road heading back to Naga:)
Life is Good!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Bicol Trip!

When I was a kid, I will often draw volcanoes as perfect as triangle like Mayon Volcano. So visiting Bicol was a dream come true it’s like seeing those childhood drawing comes to life.

The main purpose of the trip is to attend a best friend’s wedding and to try to discover the beauty of Bicol in a relax manner. This is how I travel, I want to enjoy every moment. I don’t want to rush from one place to another just for the sake that you can say ay naputahan ko lahat or nalibot ko  or because you want to share it.

I don’t want to stress myself during travel so I don’t make itineraries, I only make a list which means you can still go sightseeing and play tourist without stressing yourself out. The trick here is to loosen the reins on your schedule a little bit.

Bicol region has recently seen a revival in its tourism industry, due to the popularity of Mayon Volcano, the new CamSur Water Sports Complex, whale shark spotting, among others, which consequently increased the number of upscale resorts in the region. via

And its gastronomic food experience to offer!  Spicy food! Pag lapang mode talaga winner skn! Peg ko yan!

I'm not good with  travel entry but I love travelling as much as I love to wait for my big shot from the love

while waiting for the 7:50 am flight- good thing I have good music download on my BB:)

 Good job for me! I only have two small bags! I tried to squeeze all my clothes to the yellow bag
and the other one is for my killer shoes to wear to the big day!
breakfast@ airport/clubhouse:Delifrance
Touchdown Legaspi! Then head to Sorsogon to our booked hotel and dress up to attend the big day.
they add up to my happiness! Travel with my girlfriends. We used the starex van
for the 3 days trip! I like going on road trips to see the hidden surprises along the way.
There’s a certain feeling of freedom you get when you’re just driving to get to your destinations,
not knowing what to expect at each turn.
Fail jump shot:)
   First stop: Cagsawa Ruins

   Remnants of an 18 century Franciscan Church and was destroyed by the eruption of the Mayon Volcano.
Located in the minicipality Daraga Albay. Below is an old photo I found thru Wikipedia .
It explain well the danger of living close proximity to the volcano
And now you will only see the belfry and some part of the convent
Upon arrival, local people will approached you and offer their photography services.
just give your camera then they do some tricky snapshots. It was fun but the
sun will surely melt you! So armed yourself with a good sunscreen.
After all the energy draining fun jump and trick shots, we gave the boy P400 sa dami pa namang kinuha nyang
picture sat for sure naguluhan sya sa daming naming dalang camera:)

Then I check all the shops within the area and bought souvenirs and hauled Pili!
              By 11 pm we bid goodbye to the classic post card Mayon Volcano with a big smile
            on our faces like a child whose dream come true and hit back the road heading to CAMSUR!

Life is Good

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