Monday, June 25, 2012

Back to School

Today, it’s almost two weeks of school for many kids in the area and each year at about this time I start remembering my first day at school. You took few trips to the store for school supplies full of excitement with your Mom because you have the freedom to choose whatever cartoon character or design cover of your notebook or worst thing you end up with pinoy local artist….aminin peg! yan ng panahon natin! Hahaha!

And then a few more to the mall or the nearest embarrassing clothing outlet for new shoes and clothes for the coming year.

I spend my high school days to Dominican Catholic private school,  so my folks did not save some cash…lol…I could have just jump into a public school; less tuition and could have be more fun.

Needless to say, I miss quite a few things from high school and for sure you’ll find a mutual agreement with what I have to say.

Days where teachers are absent or late in class we get free, kick-back period, Sport-team rivalries, lunch periods- a time to eat, talk, and time to watch some cat-fights and knowing exactly when school was over. All by the sound of a bell.

Minimal homework, remember back in days when 15 algebra problems or equations are such a perfect way to ruin your weekend and those ridiculous lab report due in one day, all you can do is cry a little! And the goofing off during class, a perfect opportunity to draw cutesy graffiti on the desks or secretly text your friends in other classes underneath the desk.

Those are the day that only matters is getting a good grade and most of all no BILLS to pay!

Since time machine is not yet available, I meet up with my cousin and bought him school supplies for the coming year at National Bookstore. This way I could feel it again:)…hahaha…back to school!
Then we had our dinner at Aristocrat Resto and sweets at Icebergs
And then  the kid on me kick in so I decided to tried the MOA Eye Ferris Wheel! ticket cost 150 per person for10 minutes ride yay! The idea behind this is after the London Eye in England and Singapore Flyer. The big Ferris wheel with specs of 55 meters in diameter with fully air conditioned 36 gondolas and 6 VIP gondals that can accommodate 6 persons per gondola. 
The 10 min. ride looks like a one complete turn, it moves slowly and you can see the entire Manila in birds eye view. You can rent the VIP Gondolas, If you want to have a date or dinner inside, complete with table and  wine that comes with a different rate:)

Life is like ferris wheel, you are never down too long but not high on top for a long time lets enjoy life!

Life is good!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Wake me up when Summer Ends

Summer ends and I'm back to the city for a new work. A new beginning but still have the same dream and motivation. Thou I know this is the second time I quite a job but this about being a go-getter.You have to push yourself, you have to want those things. You don't want to copy someone else life. You want to make your own journey, your own I'm not afraid of change cause change is beautiful and life is too short to be doing something you don't really love.

But before i start my new work.....let me have a  last hirit sa tag araw.
(top from forever 21, shorts forever 21)

Change in all things is sweet and welcome rainy days:)

Life is Good!
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