Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thank you!

Last week was my birthday..oh  yes!  I'm getting older for better... I guess:). Thank you for all the greetings, to my FB wall, phone calls, emails and dinner...thank you! I guess those are enough reason to count my blessings! cheers to good life!

I did not plan for a big party since I'm jobless:) but happy. Seriously, I'm in battle of signing a new job contract or to take a little time for myself and spend holidays back home. I guess it would be perfect! spend Christmas with a real people that dear most to you....what  do you think?

So two of my girlfriends surprise me and we had dinner at Italianni's Restaurant Bonifacio High Street.

I adore Italian Food. I have good enough reason to believe that I'm a Sicilian native in my past The classico-thin-crust pizza was superb. Just the way a slice of real Italian pizza should be - fresh, thin and crunchy. The toppings, uhm…delizioso! and another one, the shrimp and mushroom linguine pasta- a yummy version of good old mac and cheese:)..I couldn't ask for more.... such an amazing  birthday dinner:)

Birthday is one of those days that we are reminded of how much money is in our pockets and how much we don’t like birthdays unless it is our own:)

And remember Birthdays are not only good because you get presents but also its time to tell your  self that you are one year wiser, not older.

Life is good!

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