Monday, September 16, 2013

To my father, thank you for the 59 years!

 few of the last photos with him:(

I know that I haven’t updated my blog for months. I have considered you guys as my family. I thought that I would pass this terrible news.

Unfortunately, my father passed away last July 3 at the age of 59 of a brain aneurysm. We thought that he could make it through but unfortunately things took a turn for the worse. He passed around 1 am.

I had never seen anyone die before. My dad went peacefully but still, it was awfully hard to watch. I had my hand on left hand the whole time. My little brother held a hand or rested his hand on his leg. His heart- he had an amazingly strong heart—stopped beating first. His breathing stopped in fits and start after that. Maybe two minutes, maybe three. Those are minutes I will never forget.

My Dad is a man of few words, but he has thought me many things through his actions, which are not always big but genuine and sincere. He’d really someone that I respect and look up to. We may not spend hours together every day but he would always send random messages to tell us what he’s doing, and remind me to take care of my siblings and be responsible for my happiness.

We have not gone on a family holiday together in years but I always recalled the many adventures and fun times at the playgrounds, parks and most of the time at the beach with him. 

My father is simply irreplaceable, and I love him with all my heart.

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