Thursday, June 13, 2013

PBO Outreach Program: Silid Aralan Inc

PBO (Pinoy Bloggers Outreach) held its 3rd outreach program last June 1 at Montalban Rizal Town Center. The chosen beneficiary is the Silid Aralin Inc.
Silid Aralan, Inc (SAI) is a non-government organization who serves its purpose in facilitating children’s discovery of their inner potential, purpose, and love for learning. SAI caters and facilitates underprivileged and low performing students. SAI believes that every individual is intelligent, thus, it helps low performing students to reach their full potentials. 

It was founded on April 12, 2007 by Arcie Mallari. The idea that was to be Silid Aralan, Inc. bloomed in 2004, when Arcie lived in the Payatas dump in a personal immersion experience that would impact his life forever.
Arcie built Silid Aralan out of his experience upon meeting a young man in Payatas. He asked a high school student to read from the bible but it turned out alarming. The young man held the Bible and looked at its words dis concertedly; seemingly unable to distinguish the figures in front of him. The boy couldn't read despite being in high school.Thus Silid Aralan was formed.
PBO'ers and volunteers all ears to Sir Arcie's talk
 in our own little way PBO helped by giving school supplies
We also help paint their classroom:)
While were busy painting the kids of SAI do the art works! Amazing talents!

The goal of  Silid Aralan Inc is not to replace formal schooling but to help kids, especially unprivileged kids who fell victim violence driven by poverty to love learning through the after-school program with customize learning approached.

"We don't just teach kids how to learn. We teach them first 
how to love learning"
- Arcie Mallari

One thing that really moves me with this experience is the story of kid name ROMA. When he asked Roma what she wants to be when she grows up, she said she wanted to be a maid. Why? Because for her eyes that is the only good life! Her cousins were working as a maid and somehow it provides the need of their family but through Silid Aralin Inc her life change.

Roma excel in school, graduated with honors, now with a stable job and living a better life. She no longer lives in Payatas. Goes to show that with the right help and determination our life can be better that what we dreamed.

So lets try to help in our own way as much as we can, remember that when you give love, time and effort and peace it shall be return back to you, that's the basic law of the universe. This is our temporary home so for every stop, lets try to do something worthwhile. They are open for volunteers:)

"You can't change the world but you can make a difference"

To the PBOers/ bloggers behind this project...thank you! for the heartwarming experience and to the other volunteers! God Bless us all!

Volunteers are paid in six figures... 
Gayla LeMaire

Life is Good!

Silid Aralan Inc.
Facebook: Silid Aralan
Twitter: SilidAralanInc
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