Tuesday, December 3, 2013


I know, this image is tough one but it’s the reality how Visayas islands have been devastated by super typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan. You've got to be made of stone if it doesn't give you an uncomfortable feeling.

It’s almost a month since Yolanda struck our country but as the rest of us continue to move on with our daily lives people who were badly affected still struggle every day, to find food, shelter and comfort from traumatic experience they've gone through.

I thank God and grateful it spared my hometown.  My family and friends are all, safe, sane and sound.  Unfortunately hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who survived and lost their lives.

December comes and yes its happy days and holiday season for most of us, who were not affected by the storm. Probably will be spending a lot on Christmas presents, decorations and filed up fridges with food.  It won’t balance our spending madness but why not also donate something for a good cause. This is the time that these people need our help.

There are so many hard working organizations out there that need your support. I encourage you all to give, it might be small or big but remember a little help goes a long way.

I also ask every one of you to continuously remember them and include them in your prayers. Let’s not stop helping them; it is through these difficult times when we must remember that all of us are connected as one.

God Bless

Life is good!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gatsby Party!

As always, the anniversary party was held at Republiq club, Resort world Manila.  holding an anniversary party is a great way to recognize the hard working employees and such a great pleasure for me as  a part of the company who worked hard for my bills and other responsibility. lol

This time it seems like a song resonates in my head after the party, it feels like a soundtrack in a movie but nevertheless it was a fun night.

Kabog ang sarimanok ni ate!
Kuya ang war nasa Zamboanga...lost in space ka yata! choz!
lafang galore!
ubos ang tassle sa divisoria...winner! very Gatsby vibe!
kampay! waley paki alam sina kuya basta tagay lang! gorabels!
Live band that complete the Gatsby vibe!
accepting my smile award at si kuya parang nasa kanto lang ang peg!
pagoda tragedy!
Di naman ako kita dito masydo! next party dapat 15 inches na takong ko!
riot na! hala cge! shake it to left to the right!
Freshness..dipa haggardness sa ka cha-cha:)
Smile award! "For always bringing that ray of sunshine to the office
because of that radiant smile! Pakak lang! Thank you for voting me!

I believe that on that night I went to Gatsby‘s house I was one of the few
guests who had actually been invited...lol

life is good!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sunny Love

  With our unpredictable weather here are few pieces I wanted. I guess they are beyond budget or 
       you can always look for alternative… go for similar pieces:)

Charles and Keith structure black bag
Mango- Sequined Letters Sweater
Mango  black jeans
Payless Silver flat sandal
Cover Girl -red lipstick

and life is too short not to take photos I’m on Instagram now:)
You can follow me at sunnytoast_kebler and I’ll follow back.

And yes..Hello October!

Life is good!

Monday, September 16, 2013

To my father, thank you for the 59 years!

 few of the last photos with him:(

I know that I haven’t updated my blog for months. I have considered you guys as my family. I thought that I would pass this terrible news.

Unfortunately, my father passed away last July 3 at the age of 59 of a brain aneurysm. We thought that he could make it through but unfortunately things took a turn for the worse. He passed around 1 am.

I had never seen anyone die before. My dad went peacefully but still, it was awfully hard to watch. I had my hand on left hand the whole time. My little brother held a hand or rested his hand on his leg. His heart- he had an amazingly strong heart—stopped beating first. His breathing stopped in fits and start after that. Maybe two minutes, maybe three. Those are minutes I will never forget.

My Dad is a man of few words, but he has thought me many things through his actions, which are not always big but genuine and sincere. He’d really someone that I respect and look up to. We may not spend hours together every day but he would always send random messages to tell us what he’s doing, and remind me to take care of my siblings and be responsible for my happiness.

We have not gone on a family holiday together in years but I always recalled the many adventures and fun times at the playgrounds, parks and most of the time at the beach with him. 

My father is simply irreplaceable, and I love him with all my heart.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

PBO Outreach Program: Silid Aralan Inc

PBO (Pinoy Bloggers Outreach) held its 3rd outreach program last June 1 at Montalban Rizal Town Center. The chosen beneficiary is the Silid Aralin Inc.
Silid Aralan, Inc (SAI) is a non-government organization who serves its purpose in facilitating children’s discovery of their inner potential, purpose, and love for learning. SAI caters and facilitates underprivileged and low performing students. SAI believes that every individual is intelligent, thus, it helps low performing students to reach their full potentials. 

It was founded on April 12, 2007 by Arcie Mallari. The idea that was to be Silid Aralan, Inc. bloomed in 2004, when Arcie lived in the Payatas dump in a personal immersion experience that would impact his life forever.
Arcie built Silid Aralan out of his experience upon meeting a young man in Payatas. He asked a high school student to read from the bible but it turned out alarming. The young man held the Bible and looked at its words dis concertedly; seemingly unable to distinguish the figures in front of him. The boy couldn't read despite being in high school.Thus Silid Aralan was formed.
PBO'ers and volunteers all ears to Sir Arcie's talk
 in our own little way PBO helped by giving school supplies
We also help paint their classroom:)
While were busy painting the kids of SAI do the art works! Amazing talents!

The goal of  Silid Aralan Inc is not to replace formal schooling but to help kids, especially unprivileged kids who fell victim violence driven by poverty to love learning through the after-school program with customize learning approached.

"We don't just teach kids how to learn. We teach them first 
how to love learning"
- Arcie Mallari

One thing that really moves me with this experience is the story of kid name ROMA. When he asked Roma what she wants to be when she grows up, she said she wanted to be a maid. Why? Because for her eyes that is the only good life! Her cousins were working as a maid and somehow it provides the need of their family but through Silid Aralin Inc her life change.

Roma excel in school, graduated with honors, now with a stable job and living a better life. She no longer lives in Payatas. Goes to show that with the right help and determination our life can be better that what we dreamed.

So lets try to help in our own way as much as we can, remember that when you give love, time and effort and peace it shall be return back to you, that's the basic law of the universe. This is our temporary home so for every stop, lets try to do something worthwhile. They are open for volunteers:)

"You can't change the world but you can make a difference"

To the PBOers/ bloggers behind this project...thank you! for the heartwarming experience and to the other volunteers! God Bless us all!

Volunteers are paid in six figures... 
Gayla LeMaire

Life is Good!

Silid Aralan Inc.
Website: http://www.silidaralan.org
Facebook: Silid Aralan
Twitter: SilidAralanInc

Monday, May 20, 2013

Jason Mraz Live in Manila 2013

I still have syndrome of Jason Mraz Live concert at Araneta Coliseum and since I don’t want to forget the experience let me share it to you.

It was my little bro who push me to buy a ticket for this concert. I guess this is included on his bucket list and Yes! He is a big fun of Jason! In-spite of heavy rains and long queue lines, we went to see Jason Mraz performed live at Araneta Colliseum last May 14 2013. 

Jason brought along a full band consist of nine talented musicians/performers with him. A double bassists, drummer, violinist, pianist, and other more.  The concert was upbeat and lively. Jason did not only showcase his voice but also his dance move:)
   Opening act was Zendie, perform 6 songs and the only thing that I remember is “Go the Distance and   
   “Hallelujah” song. There was a 30 minutes idle time as the crew set-up the stage for the main act but     
    when Jason Mraz reappeared on stage, face the exciting audience, blow a kiss and hit his guitar for
the first song of the night…nawala ang antok ko sa kakahintay!
 Jason was wearing a simple black shirt, jeans, sneakers, his trademark fedora hat and a shorter hair which I more like than having that afro, reggae look. The whole band was wearing the blue and white face paint which I don’t know what exactly it symbolized. Baka ito peg na make up nila. Echoz!

The selection of the songs were mostly from his new album and I love how he personalized the lyrics of each songs for the crowd, even saying some Filipino words like, ‘Mabuhay and Salamat po” with his performance of “93 Million Miles” he even said “Thank you for making this place feels like home” oh bet ni kuya maging pinoy! Lol

“Worrying helps. I need to worry a lot more because 90% of things I worry about don’t even happen”

One thing that I’m happy about more than Jason Mraz is when I turned to look at my little brother and saw him singing along with the music, having a good time. It gives me the feeling that somehow I was a good sister:) for granting his request. He travel thousand miles just to watch Jason.

It was one great concert. People danced and jammed. His powerful words are beyond compare! kaya worth it kahit mahalya ang ticket:)

"Surrender to life itself and you'll just be rewarded with so many things. And I've been rewarded so many"
             times, in so many mysterious ways. So I have no reason to be disappointed with anything.
~ Jason Mraz~
Life is Good

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I know what you did last summer!

As what I have promised to you guys on my first blog entry is to share to you the beauty of Pico De Loro at  night! 

So divine and romantic! I guess its perfect for couples:)

One thing I love about summer is the feeling of being carefree and just the smell of it can make me fall in love again. We all love a little getaway to a sunny beach with a glass of wine and a beautiful summer night:)

The Buffet dinner was set on the Brisa Bar 
They have coaster for easy transfer to anywhere  in the resort! so waley dramang walkathon!
    Buffet Dinner! Lafang mode na! food war!
              A live band was playing to make the night more romantic! pero dedma! lafang mode parin!
     Sweets for the night before tequila shots:)
The band playing reggae and feel good music..so chilax chilax:)
Tequila shots:)
Our DJ for the nite! using his IPAD!
Anong ngyari! deform ang facelaro! hahaha! na sobrahan sa pa cute!
The tequila roulette! dahil dito madaming lasing! daming ngyaring ganap!
I hit the sack around 3 am:) It was a good summer nite! I know what you did last summer! lol
Second day.....good morning Pico De Loro:)
Breakfast:) To check the full beauty of Pico De Loro click here: my first entry
Buffet breakfast and loving the bacon station! 
Sweets overload:)
  bid goodbye after launch was served:) So ayan more avail sa view!
(Top: Folded and hung /Pants: H&M
Sunglasses: H&M/Flats: Parisian)

Pico De Loro Country Club elevates the usual resort experience with their distinctive exclusively and privacy of leisure club community. The Specialness of the place is that it is nestled and surrounded by mountains.

The place was full when I got there and left.  

On the way back, I looked at the place once again and smile with WOW! Batangas was so beautiful and you don’t have to leave Philippines just to experience such a gorgeously beautiful summer place.

While we’re young and beautiful, living free and easy. Here without a worry, dancing in our bare feet because when the summer’s done we might not be so young and beautiful.

have fun with summer!

Life is Good!

Pico Sands Hotel
Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines 
E-mail: reservations@picosandshotel.com  /  frontdesk@picosandshotel.com
Telephone: 214.7800 / 214.788
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