Friday, January 25, 2013

All those little change!

Life ended is unpredictable. You remain single while your friends start to have their own family. It’s inevitable that roles will shift and your friendship will change when your friends get married and begins a new life. However, your friendship doesn’t have to end. When a friend gets married or have a baby, you can choose to embrace the changed relationship and continue to be there for your friend. I guess that’s what I’ve done.

One of my girlfriend got hitched last year that is why I was able to visit Bicol, then early that year another girlfriend give birth to a lovely little boy Jacob and comes December one of  our boys had his second baby Boy! See how life can be:)

I’m definitely happy for thier brave decision thou it’s heartbreaking for me. It makes me think of my own future. I even found myself asking the question what’s wrong with me! Like everyone is starting to have their own family and responsibility that would define their own self-worth but as Sunny as I can be and inject  myself with my own doze of sunshine attitude I said to myself: I will remain single for now for I have big dreams for my family and myself. I know somewhere or maybe tomorrow will never knew Love department will give its big shot for Sunny:) let’s all cross our fingers.

And I have missed them so much! so we had dinner last night at UCC Coffee CafĂ© Glorietta 3 dessert: catching up with our crazy lives.

 Chicken Chile Garlic Spaghetti: Seafood Risotto: Fried Shrimp curry with Rice

Top: Folded and Hang  jeans: Mango doll shoes:  Deflex from Payless

It's your choice to continue to be there for you friend no matter what life they may take, you need to be patient and supportive: remember that they are adjusting to myriad lifestyle changes and maybe dealing with complicated matters so don’t worry or be offended if they don’t text or call often and when they does let them know you’re happy and excited for his/her new life. Next thing you know you are in a table with good food or a bottle of beer with good old friends sharing life lessons:)

And with the food, we ordered the chicken garlic chili spaghetti, thinking it could bet the taste of jambalaya of Bubba Gump but I was wrong…fail 101 but the seafood risotto was smooth, creamy and not thick and stodgy. The fried shirmp curry with rice was just normal average nothing special..just my two cents:)

 Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things

Life is good!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Year, New Hair?

Yes, I’m on the mood for a new hairstyle. A change of color will do! I’m totally digging her two tone hair or let’s say I like this. Thou my hair are a little bit shorter but after all, I’m all good with it:)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Comfort foods!

I do hope that everyone is recovering from that crazy holiday rush but for me it’s still a NO! I gain weight with all those scrumptious dinners so I guess I need a little exercise or embrace the Tea drinking habit once again but who wouldn’t say no to those foods! Right….hahaha! The chant of a Pugad baboy! Lol

I’m just like the next human being, I guess. I want some little changes. Right now.  I want to lose some weight having a new wardrobe is not a good idea to start for a new year. I need to save money for my own sake…hahaha!

But I’m perfectly happy with all the blessings and content while sitting on my little incubator room on how the year unfolded. I realize that the universe really knows what makes us smile. He give it without any fail 24/7…oh parang seven eleven lang yan!
I love sunsets

I love traveling

I love summer

I love cool breezy afternoon

I love hugs

I love long walks

I love my work

I love good conversation

I love wine

I love reading a good book

I love coffee and tea

I love listening to good music

I love being forgiven after I stumbled into a sin

I love my family

I love great friends

I love sharing with people I know well and people I’ve just met.

I love that God love is always available

These are the vitamin that makes my life happy or Sunny one. They are like comfort foods, when we are stress we tend to look for these foods which are perfectly suited for each other and this should be our attitude. For a change, why not! Try this method get a pen and a piece of paper, write down all the things that makes you happy! Write everything then read it, again and again!  like what I did:)

We me have taken things for granted but even when we didn’t notice these things or didn’t realize you loved them, God is already feeding them to us. Because he knows better than anyone.
Life is Good!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Eve!

The year 2012 went by so fast. When time seems to rush you through like that, there are two ways to look at things. One is to act panicky and beaten wondering where the year mysteriously went. The other is to look back with gratitude at the year that was and happily look forward to an amazing and fabulous year to come.
Remember guys that it’s within our well power to change our lives. We are responsible for how we feel and what we do. Nobody can make you feel anything! Only you! Be in charge of your life! Honey!
Hola 2013! I'm gonna let the pictures speak the evening.

I made no resolutions for this New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me... so let’s not talk about 2012 anymore and put all the focus on 2013! I love to start a new chapter.

Life is Good!
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