Monday, July 25, 2011

The Kid on me

I’m totally in the mode right now. Thank you for the power of vitamin C, a good sleep and gallons of water. My health is back and in good condition but most of all to you my readers and friends for the sweet messages and comments. Sunny is up and back to normal programming…choz! Parang cable lang:)

Yesterday, I wake up around 3 in the afternoon had a cup of tea, grab a magazine and decided to open my door so fresh air can go inside my room. As I was enjoying the aroma of my tea and going through the pages of glossy magazines, I heard someone smiling and laughing in front of my doorsteps  and to my surprise  my  little neighbor paid a visit.
As I took these pictures, I’m surprised at how clever a kid. They handle themselves differently than adults and there is so much we can learn from their behavior. ( wow! nag papaka matalino lang! pag bigyan nyo na ako..choz!)

They live spontaneously; kids do not plan a thing they do, taking every uncertain moment for all it’s worth. Gora kung gora ang drama! They are never concerned with their lack of knowledge our qualifications. If they have never done something before, they are eager and if they fail, they simply brushes themselves off and take another stab until they get it right. Vkit ganun? Because we adult always have qualifications which are usually man-made restrictions proposed to keep passionate newcomers with grand ideas relegated to the margins. Hay buhay anik ba!

Kids love to Play, playing comes as natural for them because play time is fun time and kids love to have fun. As we get older we forget how great it feels to let loose and play around. It doesn’t always have to be a purpose behind our actions. Sometimes it’s healthy to fool around and engage in recreation for the sole purpose of having fun. Kaya go at  mag habulan na tayo! Kmusta naman Ateh! ang rayuma ko nitey! 

The best of all, they enjoy life simple pleasures-they don’t need a bunch of best selling toys in order to enjoy themselves…wag umarte! We adult always want the best fruit MAC and BLACKBERRY…ano aarte ka pa! but really life was simple without this fruits or rather this brand of technology. Put a kid in a puddle and watch him cheerfully splash around. Give an adult an old or outdated phone ( for sure ang drama) surely he wont use it and brag for the latest model. Give a kid permission to chase the cat around the house for a couple minutes, the giggle will be contagious or simply tickle a kid until he is beet red from laughter. All of these are simple pleasures that children love to partake. This should serve as a reminder for us that some of the best things in life are free. (dapat ganito ang ganap sa life oh life para bongells!)

And last week I meet a new friend, this adorable kid ....a lovely little angel but unlike ordinary kids who could play actively, Mikaela has a hole in her heart.(congenital heart defects). She needs to undergo  a heart surgery this December and hearing this story from her mom, breaks my heart:(
 So let me ask everyone of you to please ...please include Mikaela in your prayers

-thank you-

-prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have in this life-

Life is good!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just the way it is!

Hi everyone..I'm sorry if I was not able to update my blog. I'm still trying to figure out how to balance my time.Schedule change,  working night shift  and sleeping in the morning is a battle. In between of this changes my health is in bad condition, yes! I’m sick today but still I’m blogging:) this is how much I love my blog and you guys...a big thanks.

It’s only been months since I started back to blogging and I’m  amaze on the numbers of my followers or readers. Thou number is not a big thing for me, I’m still going to post pictures and write even without comments cause this is what I love to do and when things get gray I have something to look back on my wonderful and sunny days:)

Truly, I’m so happy with the personal emails that I keep on receiving from my followers you make my heart grow! choz!.Keep on sending guys it’s my pleasure to reply with your messages and answer your questions.

To Ylenia of thank you for featuring me in your blog…I never though that my words will be great….a big thanks…naka chamba lang! pero mas bonggels ka tlga!

To Chyng the most controversial blogger No Spam, No Virus, No kiddin'! na pressure mo ako ng thank you! I’m looking forward to meet you at mag pictorial mode tayo! Pak! forte yan ni Dyanie:)

Thank you to everyone…ano ba parang katapusan ko ah…my skit ka lang! Joskow! I guess humor is dangerous with my illness so stop na! choz!

So much with the emotion overload...

Last week I went to Lalane birthday party at Century Park Hotel: Cellar KTV….yes they do have KTV at the ground floor and you can rent the room until 1:00 am only.

(I'm wearing white polo shirt from abercrombie and Fitch, short and black stocking from Forever21 ankle boots from Schu and red Cambridge bag)

 I really had fun with this guys, it show's on my pictures!  wearing my smiles that you often not see on my photos:)

To Lalane..lali...a lover and a friend...Happy birthday
Your age are just counting but your getting younger!

Life is good!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I’m Shoes in Love find your perfect pair

Time flies and we are almost half of our week. Next thing you know its already weekend. I do hope everyone is having a great time with work and with our personal lives.I guess BALANCE is what we need kaya attack lang!

Last weekend Dyan invited me to check “ I’m Shoes in Love find your perfect pair “ one of the biggest and first ever shoe exclusive event at NBC Tent Taguig. We are able to visit this event since it was re-sched due to bad weather.

Participating brands include Adidas, Skechers, Zoo York, Marc Ecko, Cole Haan, GBX, So Fab, Figlia, Shubizz, Hush Puppies, Cushe, Sebago, Suki, Suelas, Frollic, Trunkshow, Katie Shoes, Sole Sister, Flatshop, Vibram Five Fingers, Shoes to Kill, and more.

A heaven for shoe lovers plus the discount are in great offer!
 After salivating with shoes we decided to check Muji!

Muji is a Japanese retail company which sells a wide variety of household and consumer goods. It is distinguished by its design minimalism which emphasis on recycling.
I’m supposed to buy a new notebook and pens but I ended up buying a bag and bath goodies.Dyan my ever savvy friend who calculate everything and keep on comparing the prices from other stores which one of the funny segments as we roam around the store. She even knows the real price..kaya nyo! Kaya bonggels talaga syang kasama! a good contestant for the price is right:) pag manalo ka Dyan e bili mo ako nung chair and table na gusto ko ha:)

We embrace are childhood as we design our own bag! Art Attack!
and I would love to have a Muji House…the furniture! I want the homey and cozy!  dream on! lol
 To end the day we had dinner at Conti's Serendra

(Shrimp Croquettes, Seafood Au Gratin, Linguine in Pesto Sauce with seafoods)
(dessert: mango bravo and Choco walnut Torte)
To my friend Dyan thank you for that wonderful day! next time ulit!

"Always on tap, night and day, weekdays and weekends, to laugh, to applaud, to love"

Life is good!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Murakami-A love affair with old friends

For the past few weeks I had been married to Haruki Murakami- a one week love affair. Actually I’m just happy that I’m back into my old self. Every after work I walk straight home then grab the book until black birds and owl knocks on me.
 I recently finished reading the book The Wind up bird chronicle, a fiction novel that fuses realistic and fantastic tendencies which contains elements of physical violence. Murakami works are heavily influenced by western culture, humorous, surreal and at the same time distresses on themes of alienation and loneliness.

"The story starts off simply enough about Mr. Okada losing his cat, then his wife, and then finally his own mind. In a bizarre fashion all of the odd characters and situations that Okada finds himself in are all related in some way which is eventually summed together at the end. What was most fascinating is the elements of Buddhism, the search for nothingness to really get in touch with one's consciousness. Okada finds the strength and ability to achieve 'emptiness' at the bottom of a dark well. In the well, Murakami puts us in touch with the most bizarre adventures in Okada's consciousness and much of the story talks about war guilt"

I'm not a bookish but its just one of my unparalleled habit so enough with this! I'm excited to read one of his popular novel- The Norwegian Wood not the song but the fiction story of loss and sexuality:)

Also this week I had dinner with my old good college friends.It was a sort of reunion at Gerry's Grill Mall of Asia. After  4 years we finally see each other. We parted our ways after graduation meet different people from different walks of life, work from different countries and companies..tambay dito tambay dun…lol but our friendship never fade. We can still kick each other ass! 
 and this what we eat...puro pang pataba at highblood...joskow!  we actually agree since Eugene has been missing this kind of food..bawal kasi sa country kung saan sya nag papa ordered 2 Crispy pata! kaya goodluck!
(Crispy pata, crab rice, sisig (sorry no pics na delete ko:) mais con yelo and sansrival cake)
 I'm wearing( my 4 years old 501 levi's jeans, top from TRF-Zara, shoes from charles and keith blazer: thrifted, bag from landmark)

Thou I hate reunion cause it reminds me that I'm getting old but nevertheless  it was an awesome night. This people are the best antiques to collect and someday we'll look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject. Tell we meet again good friends!

wishing everyone to have a great weekend!
Life is good!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

How was your 4th of July? I hope everyone had a great time. For the past few weeks, I’ve been into this dark alley of mine and need to stop this! I come to believe that every negative thought, there are positive thought that we can learn and being alone means you’re free! So enough with this loneliness feeling! your making me ugly:)

So from now on this would be my new mantra

“Every time you think a sad thought, you can think a happy one instead”

And to make my self better, I decided to meet my younger sister for a lunch date, have my nails done at bench Fixlab and a little shopping at forever 21. I guess this what I exactly need- a little pampering thou the  weather was hello sunshine and hello rain it didn’t stop  me…after all rain is beautiful and that we are beautiful.
You'll get a free umbrella for a minimum purchase of 3,000:)
I'm wearing (muddy sweater from Mark&Spencer, jeans from Jag, belt from Dorothy Perkins, Knitted cap from Forever21 and sandals from Schu)

Keep smiling, life is beautiful thing and there’s so much to smile about!

Life is good!
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