Monday, July 25, 2011

The Kid on me

I’m totally in the mode right now. Thank you for the power of vitamin C, a good sleep and gallons of water. My health is back and in good condition but most of all to you my readers and friends for the sweet messages and comments. Sunny is up and back to normal programming…choz! Parang cable lang:)

Yesterday, I wake up around 3 in the afternoon had a cup of tea, grab a magazine and decided to open my door so fresh air can go inside my room. As I was enjoying the aroma of my tea and going through the pages of glossy magazines, I heard someone smiling and laughing in front of my doorsteps  and to my surprise  my  little neighbor paid a visit.
As I took these pictures, I’m surprised at how clever a kid. They handle themselves differently than adults and there is so much we can learn from their behavior. ( wow! nag papaka matalino lang! pag bigyan nyo na ako..choz!)

They live spontaneously; kids do not plan a thing they do, taking every uncertain moment for all it’s worth. Gora kung gora ang drama! They are never concerned with their lack of knowledge our qualifications. If they have never done something before, they are eager and if they fail, they simply brushes themselves off and take another stab until they get it right. Vkit ganun? Because we adult always have qualifications which are usually man-made restrictions proposed to keep passionate newcomers with grand ideas relegated to the margins. Hay buhay anik ba!

Kids love to Play, playing comes as natural for them because play time is fun time and kids love to have fun. As we get older we forget how great it feels to let loose and play around. It doesn’t always have to be a purpose behind our actions. Sometimes it’s healthy to fool around and engage in recreation for the sole purpose of having fun. Kaya go at  mag habulan na tayo! Kmusta naman Ateh! ang rayuma ko nitey! 

The best of all, they enjoy life simple pleasures-they don’t need a bunch of best selling toys in order to enjoy themselves…wag umarte! We adult always want the best fruit MAC and BLACKBERRY…ano aarte ka pa! but really life was simple without this fruits or rather this brand of technology. Put a kid in a puddle and watch him cheerfully splash around. Give an adult an old or outdated phone ( for sure ang drama) surely he wont use it and brag for the latest model. Give a kid permission to chase the cat around the house for a couple minutes, the giggle will be contagious or simply tickle a kid until he is beet red from laughter. All of these are simple pleasures that children love to partake. This should serve as a reminder for us that some of the best things in life are free. (dapat ganito ang ganap sa life oh life para bongells!)

And last week I meet a new friend, this adorable kid ....a lovely little angel but unlike ordinary kids who could play actively, Mikaela has a hole in her heart.(congenital heart defects). She needs to undergo  a heart surgery this December and hearing this story from her mom, breaks my heart:(
 So let me ask everyone of you to please ...please include Mikaela in your prayers

-thank you-

-prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have in this life-

Life is good!


  1. Side kwento lang:
    On my way home last night, napadaan ako sa hopsital where my nephew was confined. Bigla ko syang naalala. I wanted to cry but wala ng lumalabas na tears. I guess got tired of crying na. Hayun wala lang...

    well kids are very dear to me lalo when my 13 yo nephew passed away last January. Kaya when I see kid with such sickness. naaawa talaga ako kasi, they are so young to be in that situation.
    Will pray for your new friend Mikaela.

  2. Kids are also truthful. They won't sugar coat it.

  3. i'd give anything to be a kindergartner again! hehe.. ang sarap maging musmos, hindi pa corrupted ang isip mo. wala pang malice, di pa nadedevelop ang distrust. mas carefree ang life.(;

    huwhaaaat? why do u wanna be a serial killer? mas maganda maging spree killer! hehe

  4. Makes me want to experience being a child again. You are so right about everything. I enjoyed reading this post and I laugh a lot on you side comments. haha..

    Anyway, please know that i will pray for Mikaela. :)

  5. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better :) Oooh he is the cutest kid ever!

  6. Good to know you are feeling better...what i´d give to be a kid..though I always believe one must keep his or her inner child active...and sometimes just be fool and goofy...I hate when I hear people going..oh no Im an adult I can´t do that ...I sure will have Mikaela in my prayers

    The Black Label
    P.S. you should totally get a lime bag hahaha

  7. Awww.. I believe the kid is strong and have faith on him. She will get through this. Specially there's a lot of people loves her.

    I will pray for her.

    btw, I am your new follower hope you will visit and follow my page. :)

  8. That kid needs our prayers.

  9. Kids have a way of making me smile and make me realize which things are truly important in life. You're right, they're like little angels... I'll be praying for little Mikaela.... =)

  10. ipagppray kosi mikaela.. mahilig ako sa bata kaya madali din akong maawa pag may ganyang kwento...

    Kung bibigyan ako ng chance na maging bata ulit, papayag ako.

    masaya kapag bata ka pa, walang problema, walang masyadong iniisip, kahit sa simple na mga bagay masaya na...

  11. One thing I love about kids is their honesty; they tell the truth no matter how ugly it is. When do we cross the line, when do we come to the point when we feel that truth is not such a good thing and we rather lie...

    Lovely photos, as always.

  12. I know the feeling, especially in my case. I have a son to go home to everyday I am feeling annoyed by the corporate world and all. They shared their relaxed aura and I feel good again! :D

  13. So much truth in your words today and it would be so much better if we could be more like kids at times. You are very wise Sunny. Prayers will be said for little Mikaela.

  14. I miss being a kid. =) And I love kids! Even before I had my own, talagang malapit ang puso ko sa mga bata. Now I'm doing the best I can to let my baby have a wonderful childhood.

    **Glad to know you're okay. I had a rough time these past few weeks too. But Okay now. God bless!

  15. I miss being a kid! Yung tipong makakatuolog ako sa sala at magigising sa kama. I will surely include Mikaela in my prayers.


  16. Beautiful post! She is is our prayers!! Enjoy the simple true!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  17. Cute kid... true. Life is simple when you're a kid.. kaya minsan gusto kong maging bata na lang hehe..

    She'll be in my prayers.

  18. These photos are so adorable. Your post made me smile with a half-hearted sadness in it too. My thoughts are with you all!


  19. Hi! I like this post so much, really great pics!
    If you want come and visit my blog, and if you like, follow me!I'll be waiting for you!

  20. Kids are adorable. Have you read 'le petit prince' (or it's translation)? It really makes you understand how much more fantasy kids have!
    I wish your new friend Mikaela the best!

    Thank you for your lovely comment, dear!


  21. Aww kids are such sunshine! I will definitely keep Mikaela in my prayers, she is so sweet and strong! x

  22. Happy to hear you are up and healthy again dearest. Thank you for this reminder to remember the inner child and yes I will certainly remember Mikaela in my prayers. Xxxx

  23. Glad you're alright now!

    Kids would always have a soft spot in my heart. I've also seen a lot of sick kid when my sister was confined to PGH for a year because she was battling some cancer in the blood and liver.

    Take care!

    Spanish Pinay

  24. what a very heartwarming post sunny. i enjoy the company of kids especially my nieces and nephews. they always reminds me that it's okay to be a kid at heart every now and then.

  25. I love kids too. Minsan pag may karga ako sinasabi ng friends ko bagay daw. hindi ko alam kung mababadtrip ba ko o ano. hahah!

    Pak na pak tong entry mo. sapul ako. Minsan kasi, we tend to be so conscious because we are concerned on what people might think. Nasasacrifice yung will to have fun. Sarap pa naman ng bawal no? char!

    I'll include her in my prayers don't worry.

  26. ..and so i thought magkikita na tayo kahapon, night ka pala. sayang.

    meron bang fun run for mikaela? parang nakareciv ako ng request on my blog na ifeature sya..

  27. Oh that's a sad story hope the surgery will be good for him !!


    btw, wanna follow each other ?

  28. I'll keep my fingers crossed for Mikaela! Hoping for a speedy recovery.

  29. we will Sunny! kids have a special part in His heart.

  30. We'll pray for Mikaela. This life is too good not to be experienced by a young girl like her.

    Yeah kids really appreciate the simple things in life. That's a childlike quality we adults should always exhibit, so we don't get caught up in this materialistic world.

    Nice post teh! :)

  31. i think they live the best life. no worries. innocent. happy.

  32. oh no!
    hopefully mikaela will be alright
    my prayers are with her


  33. I love kids - it's always like summer whenever I'm around them. Especially those squeals of laughter and giggles! That's why a little angel visited you - to help brighten up your day and make you feel even happier after being sick.

  34. haha :) lovely! so handsome!!!

  35. Hey, we're missing you here! :) I hope everything's ok with you!

    Spanish Pinay

  36. I hope I'm still a child. :D
    Enjoy reading your blog. Following you. <3

  37. inspiring! love your blog! btw, new follower here.. keep posting!


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