Thursday, February 7, 2013!

I have spent a significant portion of my life watching sappy romantic movies with ideal couple with guaranteed happy ending is such magical thou expected. I know this is terrible but there is something about them that just seem slightly attainable and relatable to our own life. Not all of us have been assigned a Mcdreamy in this lifetime. Yes! I still have a huge crush with Derek Christopher Shepher of Grey's Anatomy. I’m sorry guys.

So you’re single because you’re single. It’s not because you weird, fat or you dress like out of nowhere or it’s not because you did not promptly follow the love chain letter instructions that you have to send it to 20 people close to you.

You’re not single because your standards are way too high. It’s good to have standard at least you know what you like. 

You’re not single because you did not learn enough from your past relationship or go out on a Friday night after work and have a bottle of beers with your guy office mates instead you stay home, shower have a glass of wine and read your favorite book. You’re not single because something is wrong with you.

You are single because you are single. Simple as that. You haven’t made the connection with another heart. Don’t lose your faith in love rather perceived it as a temporary phase. You should feel lucky!

 It’s time for you to focus on your personal growth, your passions, your work, friends and family. I assure you Love will never run out in your life.

And if you are one of the million people with the feeling of pressure of partnering up, trust the process. The world has its unique way of preparing you and the person you re meant to be with. Have faith and remember there are some things that don’t work that might work with someone else in the future.

There will come a time you’ll meet that special one and you’ll have to give up some of this single freedom and start being more thankful. 

Goodluck to your fairy tale:)

Life is Good!


  1. All I know is I quit looking for the ideal mate. I am happy to be alone. I am single by choice and for not being anyone's choice... sad... huhuhu

    But seriously I am happy... Got no choice but to be one...

  2. One day you will have your big shot from the love department for now enjoy being single:) waley stress diba:)

  3. ey sissy love the post . can relate to it its been a while hehe have a story to tell .

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  5. There´s no such thing as the perfect partner but there exists the right partner for you. You just have to look harder because he may have taken the wrong turn on his way to you. I was a happy single despite the pressure from family and friends/co-workers until I found the right guy for me and I never regretted waiting for him that long. :)

  6. When its february many are getting flustered and frustrated just because theyre single but as you said there are other people out there whom we can receive and give love. Life is so beautiful to be sulking about being single. We dont have to be pressure because waiting for that special someone is also fun.

  7. So true...I have been single for almost as long as Greys Anatomy xD and I used to be very stressed about it...thinking what is wrong with me...but I figure is exactly what you wrote..and I am really happy now...I believe that if you need someone to be can´t be happy at must be happy with and by yourself...that´s the most important thing. Love it will come.

    The Black Label

  8. Hi! labs! being single means you are free to do anything. love comes in a natural way, hindi pinipilit and thumbs up ako sa post mong ito hahaha...waley stress!

  9. a very heartfelt post....LOVE IT!!!

  10. Awakening thought for the singles:)
    Have a happy day sunny toast:)

  11. naman! so senti. but seriously, sometimes it just happens when you least expect it. it's like trying to find a certain kind of shoes in the mall that you can't find. then when you don't need it anymore, or when you don't have the money, nor the intention to buy, bam! it's there.

  12. Single means thinking about all by yourself and free from stress:)lol

  13. well being single is being free and it was the only time
    that you can give enough time to the person you must
    love the most, yourself..

  14. I agree, when things are right you'll be in a relationship, but until that happens enjoy being single. I was having a blast being single when I met my husband and I never thought I'd get married so young or so quickly, but like you said the world has a way of preparing you for when it's time.

  15. Just what I needed to boost my confidence- thank you so much, I feel lucky to have found your blog!

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Mary x

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  17. I believe in true love and living happily ever after. but it is in Gods time, not our time.

  18. finally someone said the right words... minsan I want to slap someone else's face for being ignorant.
    Bakit single ka pa din?
    Bakit hindi ka pa nag aasawa?

    Hindi magugunaw ang mundo kung mamatay akong single.
    Hindi babaliktad ang oras kung hindi pa ako nag aasawa.
    At mas lalong wala kayong paki kung ano gusto ko sa buhay ko...

    wahhh ang bitter but I love what you wrote.. super agree

  19. OMG Gorgeous. your words chocked me...yeah! I'm single because I'm single....I know for sure he's worth the wait though. I will be praying you'll find your partner too...:) love lots! mwah!


  20. I just want to love and be loved that's why I'm no longer single!

  21. "You are single because you are single. Simple as that." And it doesn't mean you don't believe "in Happy Endings"

    Happy Valentines Day!

  22. reat post ! I agree no one should feel pressure and end up to marry the wrong person. You know it when you see it; sometimes it takes a long time !

  23. I still have a crush on mcdreamy to! swoon.. anyway love this post as I feel under pressure to find my 'mr right' from everyone I know but like you have nicely put it I'm happy being how I am right now thank you very much...If he comes around great, but I'm not going to go chase him. What will be will be right?

  24. Yes I am single because I am singe. ;) (oyy pero ansakit neto ha sabihin. hahahaha!) Thanks for sharing! :D

    "It’s good to have standard at least you know what you like."

  25. i agree! ;-) ang sarap kaya ng independent. though somehow nakaka lonely pero sabi mo nga you'll have plenty of time for personal growth ;-) yung ang important to grow as person para pag me nakita na tayong makokonek ng hearts we're ready

  26. Nice post for singles. thank you for sharing.

  27. Love your thoughts, dear..and I super agree. :) I'm not single anymore, but there was a point in my life that I was happy that I experienced it..sometimes, we try so hard to look for that "special someone" only to end up finding more frogs than our prince. Haha! It's important to know and love yourself first and be happy whether you are single or with someone else. Sabi nga nila, God is writing our love story...therefore it is and will be perfect, in HIS own time. :)

    Good luck to your fairy tale, too! Advance happy hearts' day! :)

  28. I am happy to be single! 32 and life is good :)

  29. Being single is not a big issue for me. I’m no Derek Christopher Sheperd in terms of looks and I’m no Derek Ramsey in terms of physique, but I’m confident of myself, not in an arrogant way, but over the years I’ve come to accept and like myself, and faced the fact that I am me, I’m not the best, but I can strive to be a better person.

    Life has rendered my heart and soul so frustrated that I’ve lost so much opportunities when I was younger. Ngayon ako bumabawi, and to be able to achieve those dreams and goals, I need to walk down that path ALONE. I’m not saying that a lover can be a hassle, pero magbabago talaga ang diskarte mo. Okay fine, basag trip talaga kapag may syota ka na iba ang gusto niyang mangyari.

    Ang relationship pa man din eh kailangan i-cultivate- that means time, effort, sentiments, and resources.

    That’s why I think I don’t feel the need of to be in a relationship right now. I leave everything to God.

    Remember in the Bible, Adam busied himself with his task- putting things to order and naming all species. But when God noticed that he was starting to get lonely and the need of a partner came, He made the perfect one who will complete him.

    And I think we should all busy ourselves in completing the task the Good Lord gave us, and when we have fulfilled our calling I know God will give the right man or woman in our life, regardless of your age and status. Love knows no age. I’m not afraid to fall in love at 30, 40 or 50. Alam ko, kung mahal mo ang isang tao, everything else doesn’t matter. It’s all about the two of you.

    But for the mean time- I AM SINGLE, not because I’m ugly or fat, but because I choose to be so and I would like to write my first novel, sing more songs, party more, learn new skills, and be responsible.

    And I know in the end I’ll live happily ever after.

    Life is good!

    1. oh is good! happy valentines!

  30. Just what I needed to hear. I've been single, for the better part of my life and I am starting to resent it. But I want to believe that soon I will find love too, the one that is meant for me, one that I deserve. For now, I'd look at the bright side of being single. Great post dear :)

  31. At anu nanaman gagawin ng lalaki at babae sa damuhan... just kiddin..
    ako din naman single..yan! wala nnmn maxado gastus

  32. "So you’re single because you’re single. " <-- so true

    cheers to singlehood (with no bitterness) hahaha

  33. i don't what it feels, lol! i have my first boyfriend when i was 14, and we're happily married now... :) we're now 31!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  34. Not because we are single doesn't mean na bitter na tayo. And para sa akin ay hindi na issue ang pagiging single. Ano ba paki nila sa choice ko, haha. And naniniwala akong may isang tao na para sa atin. Enjoy lang ang buhay.

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  36. I'm single so I totally relate to this post... Love it!

  37. I just loooooove your thoughts!


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