Saturday, February 23, 2013

How's your Valentine's day?

My Valentine’s Day was a bit special. What I though was going to be the usual stay home and watch sappy love movies with popcorn and beloved cheap wines.

What I’m trying to say is that when your boyfriend is out of nowhere to be found you got to make that day special in your own way.

Here’s how it all panned out:

Morning Love.  I bathe my love! I guess it goes with the saying man’s best friend and best of all they love you back:)
Online Shopping. Found these lovely scarves with good deal prize at Cashcash Pinoy and yes! hoarding!
Perfect! Hello rainy days:)

Dinner. At Mom and Tina’s Baker &Café 

A dinner for two:)

Massage. At Nuat Thai.  I love having a massage for one or two hours of pure relaxation from stress and responsibilities. We do things every day for everyone our family or the reason why you are working. So having a massage would be rewarding and can do a world of good. I love thier Aromatherapy message.

Then I LOVE me. Valentines is not all about celebrating love with someone special but also loving entirely your whole self! Celebrate your life! Love your self more!
Thou I receive flowers from someone but it was a little too late…I don’t who should I blame the courier or the one who oredered it lol…arte pa ako! hahaha….to end the day I had straweberry, cheap wine, Krispy Kreme doughnut given by my girlfriends and watched another sappy love movie…Letters to Juliet.

Oh by the way... Juliet, I cried again:)
so Valentines Day is celebration of LOVE in general, love for yourself, your friend and for the world.  So no matter what relationship status you may have right now no one can stop you to celebrate Love. Not just because you’re single doesn’t mean you’re alone!
Remember you are single because you are single. Simple as that you haven’t made the connection with another heart. Don’t lose your faith in love rather perceived it as a temporary phase. You should feel lucky!

If you still don’t feel lucky you may try to read my entry about single love.
we deserve nothing less than love!
but if you really want to meet the love of your life?
look in the mirror and love the person you see!
Life is Good!


  1. Hi! Love ur tiger zebra print blouse, looks so sassy.
    Ako din nagpamasahe nung valentines day:)

  2. well love is such a magical thing
    but i believe that you got to love yourself first
    before you can be able to send love to others

  3. bet ko yung boyfriend mo pede ko bang ahasin at angkinin hahahahha

  4. what a kissable lips you have :)

  5. Matapos basahin, naniwala ulit ako na masaya ang buhay regardless of one's status. Salamat Sunny Toast! Masarap basahin ang mga post mo!

    At yey! Dog lover ka rin! :)

  6. yay, that's a great valentine day without your bf, you have bffs naman
    agree, no one can stop us to celebrate love
    talagang you hoard scarves? hahaha

  7. hehehehehhe...super cute ng bf me ah..
    Wow super relaxing naman ang valentines mo...
    galing galing

  8. that is the right attitude. Beautiful!

  9. sana sinamamo na yung post valentine event na sinamahan mo...hehehe... saya nmn ng valentine's day mo kahit wala sa iyong tabi si bf...
    cute ng dog mo ha...

  10. Tama! Di lang for lovers ang vday. Love your top. :-D

  11. life is really good kebler. can't wait for my scheduled massage :)

  12. Naalala ko tuloy yung words na "pinanganak kang mag isa kaya wag kang mag inarte kung single ka".. something like that. Buti ka nga may nareceive sa V-day..ako nganga.

  13. Beautiful thoughts, Sunny. Stay inlove. Love life always. :)

  14. lakas maka GOodvibes ng post n to :)

    Love your life ^^

  15. I definitely love me too!
    I think it's important to love ourselves first then we will be able to love others! :)

    your dog is super duper cute!!!!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  16. My Valentine's Day was eventful though a lover was out of the picture. Still it was the best one I've had.

    I believe though that VDay is only for those with lovers. I agree though that no one can stop us from celebrating love. So that's exactly what I did last Feb 14.

    Looks like yours went well, I'm glad. Cute dog btw ♥ :)

  17. It sounds like you had a really fantastic day. I really wanted to try those Krispy Kreme donuts and a massage sounds wonderful. And your boyfriend is really cute, by the way! ;)

    7% Solution​

  18. that was a great Valentine - spent with the person whom you should love the most - yourself :)

  19. Nice pics! Have an amazing weekend:)

  20. mom & tina's is a nice place.
    your dog's really adorable, by the way :)


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