Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ghost of loneliness

( Denim Jacket from DKNY, orange top from Forever 21 and jeans from Mango)

We’ve all experienced the feeling of loneliness.

Sometimes, when we’re around other people, all we want is to be alone — or to be left alone.

But sometimes when we actually are alone, we feel empty, or disconnected, or like we’ve been left out. Like there must be something wonderful going on somewhere, and no one bothered to invite us.

Where does that feeling come from? And, more importantly, how do we make it go away?

I have a lot of experience with being alone. I have been working in this city for almost 4 years. I live by myself. So I’ve logged a lot of alone time.

I find that when I’m alone and I’m engaged in some activity — when I’m really into it, not just going through the motions, even if that activity is as mundane as washing the dishes or laundry — then I don’t feel lonely. But if I’m sitting around, trying to figure out what to do and not feeling particularly inspired, then loneliness can creep in. Especially when I combine being alone and uninspired with the S-word: should.

The minute I start thinking things like, “It’s Saturday night. I should go out and do something,” then loneliness can get a foot in the door. And pretty soon, I find myself thinking, “I mean, really, it’s Saturday night. I should have plans. I should have something to do. Somebody should want to be with me. Maybe nobody wants to be with me. I’ve really isolated myself. I’m so alone.”

It’s amazing how fast that downward spiral can get moving and take me with it. But now I recognize that thought pattern. And I know that’s all it is: It’s just a pattern of thoughts that I’ve thought before.  Yes, it may be a familiar pattern. Yes, it may get moving really quickly because I’ve worn a groove in my brain down that path.

But I don’t have to keep thinking those thoughts. I can make a mental U-turn, or at least a detour. The key is to catch myself and realize I’ve stepped into a thought groove. Then I can simply stop and ask myself a question, like: “OK, it’s Saturday night. Do I feel like going out, or would I rather stay in?”

Giving myself a simple choice based on what feels better in the moment helps immensely. That’s because loneliness is a very disempowered feeling. By seeing that I have choices and then by making a choice, I step back into my own power.

Note that there’s no right or wrong answer to the question in this example. I can go out or stay in on a Saturday night. Either choice is just fine.

The key is to first see that it’s my decision to make, and then to tune in to how I feel when I envision myself getting ready to go out, or going to one of my favorite local restaurants and sitting at the bar, or staying in, or what-have-you.
Once I’ve made the decision to stay in or go out, I usually realize I have lots more choices. If I feel like staying in, I can invite one or more of my friends to come over, or I can choose to remain alone. Same for going out.

Interestingly, when this situation comes up in my life lately, I find that I often choose to stay in and remain alone. But because I’ve taken back my power by giving myself choices — by literally giving myself a say in the matter — I no longer feel the slightest bit lonely.

It’s a pretty neat trick, don’t you think? And it works in all kinds of icky-feeling situations.

After all, Life is good!


Rain is beautiful even thou it trap me indoor for hours on end. I was fortunate enough one of my friend invited me to stay in a hotel room at LINDEN Suites. Two days cooped up, watching whatever on TV can turn the most skilled couch potato into an anxious, restless bundle of nerves. Played around with my camera, had a glass of wine, nuts and dark chocolates. Not bad either.

( I'm wearing:top from Dolce Vita and Jeggings from Foreover 21)
Wishing everyone to have a great start of the week:)

Life is good!

Linden Suites
37 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Centre
Pasig City 1600
Metro Manila - Philippines

Telephone (63-2) 638-7878
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easy days does it!

Weather has been bad this week but it didn’t stop me to have a sunny attitude. Yesterday I accompanied my little brother to the airport and bid goodbye and goodluck for his two months on the job training at Shangri-la and Astoria boracay.

I’m surprised at how much my brother grown up, he’s taller than me but I swear to God I’m genuinely happy for him and for sure your dogs miss you so much right now!
And I got the change to wonder around the airport, grab ice cold coffee  and had a quick lunch before heading to work.

All I can say is that Terminal 3( domestic flight ) is far better than our International airport..so sad:(
  See you soon Bro...I'll visit you one of this day:) crossing my fingers!

And later that night we celebrated one of my close girl friend birthday...a night of Tequila! Hola!
oh I just love my earrings that night  from Forever 21:)
Sorry guys for the overload of pictures I just love to share it with you and tonight I hope this rain stop cause I still need to meet my friend who just arrived from Germany:)
Life is good!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Saturday, a day that makes my life extraordinary after all my sacrifices from sending her to school and review center finally she make it. Congratulations to my little sister! You are now part of the thousand people looking for a new job:)

From the time that my family received the news that she passed the civil engineering board examanition, mom give me a phone call which break me into tears…a bucket of tears…hearing my mom saying this words thank you was a different feeling. It was more than a shopping spree… I was speechless all I know I was a crying crocodile at that moment…lol

I may never have a successful career but looking at my sister taking  her oath as a civil engineer is more than enough  to measure my life on what I been through. Life is really good and God is good!. He answered all my prayers.

It is not what we take up, but what we give up in this life, that makes us rich.

Part of the happiness of life are sacrifices:)

To you my sister goodluck and I love you

Life is good!

(I'm wearing: jeans from Mango, Shoes from Schu, orange top and earrings  from Forever 21, blazer from Zara and LV clutch bag)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend of Relexation

I was so happy that I took time for myself this weekend. I needed it so much and the weather was so gay: rainy and sunny not a perfect time to go for a walk our visit your favorite resto or bookstore. So what I did is I put myself in the vacation mindset inside in my little room by flipping and checking all my summer sweet getaway photos and truly pictures says a thousand words. It says what words can’t, no matter how many words we might use. So I guess we should always have a camera on hand to capture every moment of our lives! remember life is good!

Aside from putting myself into a vacation mode I also had a good night’s sleep. Nothing wastes a Saturday like sleeping past noon, but nothing feels worse than facing Monday under-rested. The only thing worse than impossibly short weekends is arriving back at your desk Monday morning with nothing to show for it. But you can make the most of every Saturday and Sunday by maximizing this free-time. A little R&R will help you face Monday fresh-faced and on the top of your game.

wishing everyone to have a good start of the week..Good luck!

and let me share to you some of the photos:)

The only reason any of it exists, is so that you can have fun while you're here

How was your weekend?

by the way here are some tips on how to spend your next weekend;)

Catch 16th French Film Festival at the Shangrila Plaza Mall
from June 9 to 19 2011
Brad Pitt's latest film, Tree of Life, will also be screened on June 19 at 9 p.m.

Admission is free. Tickets are issued one hour before screening.
schedules are subject to change without prior notice.
for inquiries, call 633-7851 local 113.

or  bring your friends and family  to Max's Restaurant
The Max's Chicken-All-You-Can Promo is Back!
For only Php 199, you can eat as much as you can with their favorite Max's Fried chicken!
paramihan ng kain ito! Laps galore! go go go!

Life is good!

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