Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Start of a new month...June

Every day is a chance to start anew. Every day is a new beginning. While trite, the previous sayings 
are quite true, and on this month of June I have decided to take them to heart. I have looked at 
my life and have come to the realization that I'm making some pretty big mistakes. 
These mistakes don't just impact me, but others.So time for me to have a look back 
on my list on things that I need to break which previously posted here in my blog.(here)

To start a good vibe for the new month. I meet my two girlfriends  in a different days. 
They are the channel of my love and affection which act as a big part of me. 
Without love and affection life would be cold and dark:)

And the best way to bond?  Shop at Schu; dinner at Ween Nam Kee : they have the best chicken and UCC Coffee Cafe:)

Everyone needs friends for different reasons. Maybe you need friends so that you are 
not alone in the afternoons when you get down and start thinking negative thoughts.
Maybe your neighbor needs friends so that they have someone to dote on and take care of. 
We all need companionship, love, and acceptance, and that is why friends, and the friendships
 we form are so important.

To Liz aka thereissomethingaboutmaria and to my travel buddy Cristine...
both of you are like pair of shoes you make me happy.
I can just toss both of you into my suitcase and  I know I will look fabulous
no matter what the weekend throws at me.

Have a good start of the month guys!

Life is good!

And by the please take a minute of your time to read this travel blog : 
 Traumatic experience as an Alleged DRUG TRAFFICKER in Bali Indonesia
 this could help you even your not a filipino. (Here)


  1. lovely photos..take it easy sweetie.

  2. I totally agree that the best girl time is shopping and eating!! nom nom nom!

  3. you bought all those shoes?wow!
    and there's Maria!nice photos.

  4. yay ang sikat ko! hahaha

    awww natouched ako, seriously.
    i enjoy every time in your company and i feel so lucky that we're friends..thank you so much. for everything.

    i miss you sobra.

  5. Hey have a great June ;)
    Feel the energy!!

  6. omg I love the pink and white wedges

  7. Hi! Very nice shoes! :)

    I agree that Wee Nam Kee have the best hainanese chicken in town! :)

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  10. WOW, amazing photos!
    loove your blog ;))

  11. nice photos and gorgeous shoes :D

  12. Those fuschia and white wedges are gorgeous!

    I definitely agree! Friends are for life and true friends are always there wether you´re up or down but they can also be a good or bad influenece to us and so we must choose them wisely. :)

  13. spending time with friends is a good way to start a new month :)

  14. AW. What an optimistic post - I loveeee the positive vibes. Fresh starts = THE BEST.

    Have an awesome June! Adoreee these photos.

  15. Great photos! I love girl time!!!!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  16. totally combination of a writers mood..+ capture!...:)

  17. cheers to starting anew and to fabulous friends who make life easier! :)


  18. aww this is such a lovely post! I agree friends are so important :)
    thanks for following and now following back
    xx Cin
    Origami Roses

  19. Looks like you had a great time with the girls! The shoes are beautiful & the food looks delicious!


  20. great photos :). love the shoe collection!
    check out my blog too if you like, would be happy!

  21. i can't live without my friends and yay to those shoes! love it!

  22. lady in the sixth to the last photo is really beautiful!

    i love the month of june.

  23. This was a really great post. I completely agree with you about friends, we all do need them for different reasons (whatever they may be, it is important to not be a loner all the tim1!)

  24. I really love my friends. let them not so much, but they are the most proven time and circumstances. all good luck!


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