Monday, November 29, 2010

Need to break

Things I need to break to welcome 2010... I know this too early but better to start than end up nothing…so here it goes promises to ditch and which ones to keep:)

1. Break:  I will lose weight

 I will think and then believe that I’m already at my ideal weight. Need to stop this delusion and hallucination that beautiful people don’t eat cause I’m not! I’m a monster. Beautiful monster…lol

2. Break: I will find ONE

 Need to break this one because I already find the ONE.  It’s me, I’m the one. I should start celebrating being on my own, not all of us have been assigned a Mcdreamy in this lifetime. We just have to discover within ourselves and take our time. (“ sabi pa nga ng iba ang pagkakaroon ng BF or Beau ngayong pasko ay bonus what if I’ll be a member of SMB (samahan ng malalamig ang pasko) after all we have our loving friends and family…a true and real love.

3. Break:  I will stop spending so much time on Facebook

I admit it, I always stay late at night to check friend’s status and updates on their lives and it’s more slightly disturbing how I’ll manage to find way to log on and update my status even when I’m on vacation or from hospital bed. Facebook is so addictive, happyland and beautiful world. But let’s admit it; we only present the crème dela crème of our lives. Need to break this...I will widen my horizon and weasel out my FB addiction…little by little and it’s the World Wide Web for Pete’s sake. There are millions of other sites we can devote our time too.

4.  Break: I’m going to call my friends more

The reason why I’m on a guilt trip about not calling my friends more is probably because I have way too many friends in the first place. But I think it’s normal. We seek different friends to serve different purposes: special interest friends, convenience friends, business friends, crisis friends and intimate friends. I’m going to expand my circle of friends. But I’ll safeguard friendship that really matters. So I’ll bond with my BFF who I haven’t seen in a long time.


  1. i love this post girl! true, you stop your obsession on losing more weight. hello you're so thin na kaya.. i really envy you! hehe. ako kelangan talaga magpapayat!haha. and don't worry because I am the president of SMP.more hahaha. we should stop searching for someone outhere, instead we search for the one inside us and life will be happier. :)

  2. I like your attitude! I think I should follow your example and stop deluding myself about these New Year's resolutions- it always ends up the same...
    good luck!

  3. aray! you need to lose weight pa? tseeee!! :D
    oo nga bonus nalang naman tlaga ang may partner noh? :)

  4. @Maria..thanks:) I'll be back new year..let's party!

    @Cupcake and Dyan...have a merry merry Christmas:)

  5. This is such a great and honest post!


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