Monday, April 29, 2013

Pico De Loro Beach & Country Club

With the scorching heat and searing temperatures this signal only one good thing: Summer Love!

For those urbanites and young groups who have so little time to spare or those who do not look forward to flights. Pico De Loro Country Club offer the best of what summer can bring! It surrounds yourself in nature while taking in the best of sun, sea and leisure!

They can now accommodate guests and non-members with their Pico Sands Hotel. So hindi na sya exclusive for members only!  The place is owned by SM investment Corporation.

Pico De Loro is found along the sunny shorelines of Nasugbu, Batangas, Hamilo Coast. It offers residential condominiums, a hotel, beach, country club with the most extensive recreational amenities.
    Pico Sands Hotel and Residential Condominium Buildings
      The Hotel Room starts at around 7,000 and up. Good for 2 adults or 2 kids comes with free breakfast
2 Queen size bed with veranda with lagoon view. So avail nyo na!
Shower area
Toiletries, bath towels, and hair dryer! avail nyo rin or take home
We arrived around 10:30am more pahinga, nganga mode..more fun!then lunch time:)
   note to myself: ang taba mo at nakuha mo pang mag aztec
(Aztec pants: H&M \ top: TopMan )

If you want to catch a whole lot of summer sunshine! avail nyo Alfresco dinning!
Lunch Time: Food war!
To beat the summer heat! Halo-Halo! 
After the sumptuous lunch more Selfie pic then went back to our room to grab a nap:)
My Summer essentials: Hat: Robinsons department store \ Sun glasses, 
Belo mist sun expert \ Flip flops:havaianas \ Lip balm with SPF: Maybelline \
 A good book: A Memoir by Grace Coddington
1.2km long and light brown shore.
We played beach volleyball but forgot to take photos...nag enjoy kami ng bongga:) 
Infinity pool! ang bongga lang! perfect to relax and have a quality time with your candy crush! 
choz! anong level ka na!
The pool area fronting the lagoon and residential buildings
After spending the whole afternoon at the beach and infinity pool we went back to our room and grab some refreshment. I decided to read a book: A memoir by Grace Coddington then grab some sleep! Relax relax din pag my time! para more energy later for dinner party.
               (Book: A Memoir by Grace Coddington \ Sunglasses: H&M 
Belo sun expert mist and forever love Coke:)

Pico de Loro in Hamilo Coast in Batangas is a paradise waiting to be discovered by everyone.  I didn't know Batangas was sooooo beautiful! Like gorgeously beautiful and so near Manila!

I got loads of pictures so I guess it deserve a second post. The beauty of Pico De Loro at night is amazing and divine that I want to share it with you guys. So expect a part two post:)

Summer is kind of like the ultimate one-night stand: hot as hell, 
totally thrilling, and gone before you know it.

Enjoy your summer gate away..loves!

Life is Good!

Pico Sands Hotel
Hamilo Coast, Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines
E-mail:  /
Telephone: 214.7800 / 214.788

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sweets at Bizu Patisserie

Ice cream, milkshakes, chocolate cakes or any sort of sweets available I fancied anytime. These delights could easily make you forget your diet. As I grow older I need to restrain towards sweets or limit my sugar intakes. But spending time with my lovely niece who I often see them is a good excuse to overload with sweetness.

I have this paranoia that eating sweets kicks the child on me or I badly need it on this time were things are not fallen on the right places.

I decided to bring them to Bizu Patisserie as sweetness overload on this resto. I love the harmonious coordination of pink and purple color, the French and European vibes from artful cakes to upholstered chairs to the boldly painted walls.
With my two lovely niece
* Wild Mushroom Carbonara: Linguine with wild mushroom ragout, bacon lardoons, cream and Parmesan
cheese *Moules Gratinees; Oven baked Australian jumbo mussels, topped with a combination of Swiss
and bleu cheeses with tomato Cocktail sauce * Green Tea: Gunpowder Mint
*Macarond De Paris: Madagascar Vanilla and Raspberry:Crisp on the outside, Soft creme ganache and ground 
almonds in the middle...I love it!  feels like I'm in Paris:) * Mini Cake: Valrhona orange chocolate mouse
it has between layers of creme brulee and brownie and fresh strawberry Niece love it! 
*Chocolate Truffles:  We had the Dominique: A dark chocolate genache and Orangine 
*Green Tea: GunPowder Mint for me:) 
My two niece! all smiles with their chosen mini cake's with little sister

And to beat the summer heat! Artisanal Ice Cream: French Vanilla and Dark Chocolate

      I want to go back to try their Valrhona chocolate souffle or the afternoon Tea set:)

It’s not cheap to eat at Bizu but I can guarantee they have the best cakes, pastries and dessert. 

"A little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt, so add a little sweetness in your life"

Life is Good!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

PBO Outreach Program: Bahay ni Maria

PBO (Pinoy Bloggers Outreach) invited me to join on their second outreach program at Bahay ni Maria (House of Maria) located at St. Joseph Cardinal Village, Brgy. Sampiruhan, Calamba Laguna managed by Missionary of sisters of Lady Fatima. 

This is the first time that I visited an old age home of 21 neglected and abandoned women. The experience was awakening that for almost an hour I was just looking at them in the corner, trying to find reasons why they ended like this… abandoned by their families. I felt a knob on my heart. Tough they all said they were happy. I could help but think it was, because that was the best they have seen or they had no option left.

I found myself comparing everything I saw to what I was used to- No TV, lack of closets, sleeping in  a wooden bed and just a single armoire that must have held all their belongings, while most of us have both that is barely adequate storage for all of our clothes, having the slickest phone, iphone 5s or BBZ10, that many of us don’t need or use anymore and so many factors we all take for granted.

As I was making all of these comparisons in my head, I realized something even sadder, they don’t even wants all those things that we are so privileged to have, yet we don’t say THANK YOU often enough. The basics they need are what we do not even think about, like proper food and clothes. Their food is basic, they do not have much of a choice, I was especially thinking about us during lunch breaks and how we complain about eating the same food but for them they are just grateful for what they get.

Times, when I visited a rural area and I was looking around, and seeing the totally different lifestyles it reminded me to count my blessings. After visiting the old age home, I was reminded even more to be thankful for what I have.  I remember on how I complain a slow WiFi connection in a resto or hotel or poor service I’m getting from my mobile provider.

However, much more of all these materials and superficial things is LOVE and FAMILY. After visiting the old age home and seeing those who truly have no one left, except for GOD, who they worship devotedly, broke my heart. So we have to be thankful for the many people who love and care about us. 

A celebration of Life and death
            Remember to love your parents...We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.....
     The most beautiful thing in this world is to see them smiling, and knowing that you're the reason behind that smile.
Lola Emeng! dancing to the tune of gangnam style...energetic ang lola mo! winner!
ito pa ayaw pa kabog ni Ate Inday! partner  pa sila ni sister Evelyn!
Joanne with Ate Arlene! perfect moment!
Sister Evelyn and  Sister Catherine missionary of sisters of Lady Fatima
The visit was hard emotionally and mentally.  It provided me with a new experience but with their huge, ear-to-ear smiles to us on how much they appreciated our visit so much and seemed entirely oblivious to how much they affected all of us with their stories and how indebted we were for the opportunity to sit down and speak with them. I personally was very affected by this novel experience and putting everything I felt into words was exceedingly difficult. 

From this valuable time we should cherish every moment while our parent or grandparents are still alive, young at heart. I truly hope that we can get the change to visit them again and do something more to make a little difference in their lives, like they did to us.

To the PBOers/ bloggers behind this project...thank you! for the heartwarming experience and to the other volunteers! God Bless us all!

"We share not because we have much but we know what it feels like to have nothing"
 “Volunteers are not paid-not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless”
Life is Good!  

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