Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Better Person- try my luck!

Now I’d like to propose something. That I should make up my mind. Right here and now, to actually do it tomorrow- just as an experiment. I don’t have to tell anyone what I’m up to and no need to recruit others. I need to do it on my own and no big deal out of it. I just need to wake up with the attitude that no matter what happens throughout the day, I’m going to live the very best I have to offer. To live life in a way that makes me a better person.

I guess this could change everything! Seriously I have to do this!

Life is good!

Photography by me


  1. I'm sure you can do whatever you decide to do. :)

  2. whatever it is girl, just do it. andito lang ako to support ya. :)

  3. Ah, you are so sneaky. WHAT IS GOING ON? Good luck with whatever's going on tomorrow! ;)



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