Thursday, January 6, 2011

A dinner for 2

I just had a wonderful night. A late dinner with a good friend to celebrate his new work, new wardrobe - It took us a whole Saturday to revamp his look. So goodbye to loose shirts and jeans. Hello Polished look.

We had our dinner at Cafe Go-Go. The place is not your typical coffee shop with its different shape wood tables, comfy coach, big chairs and carefree interior accents. The interior lighting is relaxing, but not to the point of making you doze off. It reminds me of my fave third place, when I was trying to be scholarly and finish my master degree for MBA. So I guess this place would be on my top list. A place where I can just relax, play, and bond with the people closest to me.

Thank you to my good friend for the lovely night and for showing me to never be afraid of changes in embrace it, enjoy it, to improve my life.

I realized that we can change some things that we think we can not. The key to being able to change things that seem out of our control is to open our mind to alternatives. When we start looking for alternative solutions we may not be able to find big changes but small ones can help.

To my good friend, a big thanks and goodluck!

Life is good!

Photography by me


  1. Lovely photos as always. :)

    There is one sentence in this post that really made me thinking: "The key to being able to change things that seem out of our control is to open our mind to alternatives."
    I wrote it on the sticker and now it's on the wall in front of my desk so that I'll see it every day. Thank you very much.

  2. @Starlight your welcome. It's heart warming knowing that I can inspire someone thru my blog. A big thanks

  3. A big thanks to you! Can I quote you on FB and Twitter?

    BTW, are you on Twitter by any chance?

  4. @ Starlight..My pleasure..My twitter account: Kebleresque

  5. I'm following you, my twitter account is ShinyStarlight.

  6. Te, san to tska sino kasama mo? Wag ka umarte sabihin mo sakin biliiiiis

  7. amazing place!

  8. @Starlight..I'm following you on twitter:) happy weekend!

    @margarita ts..yes it is a lovely place:)


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