Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Weekend

Hope everyone will have a great weekend. Let me share you my favorite pictures on my weekend trips last year.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

  Alot of things we can do  this weekend, visit an old friend, grab your favorite coffee, test drive your dream car, visit a day spa, watch a movie or posh picnic. Do whatever makes you happy..this is the day intended to recharge ourselves for another busy weekdays.

 Weekends don't pay as well as weekdays but at least I can have more sleep:)

To my blogger friends..happy weekend!
Life is good!
  Photographyby me, romel and maria


  1. Wonderful pics, as always. I wish my pics were as gorgeous as your are.

  2. I love you chain bag! and i am following now..
    but are you following keich? i dont see you on my list! haha thanks for commenting i hope you keep stopping by... :)

  3. @Starlight...thank you..basically you just need a good camera and learn some techniques:)

    @Kristin Eichenberg... thank you...following you now..have a great weekend:)

  4. I love all of your photo's I need to invest in a better camera for sure...

  5. amazing pics!!!

  6. WOAH GORGEOUS PICTURES. I'm so envious! It's been snowy and freezing like CRAZY where I am. Haven't seen the sun in AGES.

    Enjoy! (I'm sure you will, of course!)

  7. i like the scenery especially the sunset picture!!! =)

  8. @Mrs. Durben..thank you and let me know once you have your dream camera:)

    @margarita ts.. Thank you for the comment.

    @Lexy @ Quirky Explosion...Its a bit cold here not the usual sunny but summer is fast approaching so excited and searching for a good place to spend summer;)

    @Francine...that photo was taken last summer at Puerto:)

  9. You shared such a nice insight about weekends, I appreciate it now more than ever, I can have lots of sleep during weekends. Thanks for dropping by my site!

  10. Lovely pictures and you look sooo pretty!


Life is good and It would be my pleasure to read your comments

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