Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The last time...

 Late last night, I was going through some small things and stumbled with this old Christmas Greeting card. I was stunned, amazed with the date written on it “Dec 14 1972” such an antique, a divine which leads me to ask my self, When was the last time I sent or received a Christmas greeting card from a friend or family members through snail mail?  Hmmmm...It took me an hour to response to my own question and I guess nobody’s doing it now!  

In this world were social networking site almost navigate our world, facebook, twitter, friendster and multiply...etc snail mail has become 19th forgotten.

So for this coming holiday I would go low-fi, not such a bad idea. There is something to be said about exerting the effort to buy stamps, mailing a letter and then waiting for it to arrive. When it finally does, there’s the anticipation of opening a sealed package meant only for another person’s eye. It’ll probably be quicker just to deliver the card personally, but I think having a stamped envelope arrive on one’s doorstep from a friend feels strangely more intimate and charming. 

I think we need a break from all this electronic stuff…. something about an old-fashioned way is hard to forget.

So today, I’m going to buy Christmas cards and send it to my love ones!

Merry Christmas!

Life is good!

Photography by me


  1. What a lovely Christmas card. And a wonderful idea. A couple of days ago my Grandma asked me to drop off her Christmas cards in the mail box. It was a nice feeling doing it even though I wasn't the "sender". And my Mum is making Christmas cards every year. She never buys them and I think that's a wonderful tradition and much more personal.

  2. Starlight..the thoughts that counts not with the pricey card and I would love to receive one from your mom...lol

  3. LoL! I'll tell her that she has to send you one.

  4. i like the idea too. it is indeed very intimate. i would feel very special to receive a snail mail than to read a private msg on facebook or an email..


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