Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas...24 days left!

 As I grow older and busier. Christmas started to lose its magic for me.No longer did carols make me giddy and Christmas lights seem like an ordinary thing within the city.Ticking off my shopping list had become a chore akin to paying my monthly bills.

 I remember how I reacted when I found out our house decked with lights; I got annoyed with flickering lights, thinking of how much our electric bill would cost. I caught myself mid-thought and frowned. Had I become such a bitch? So I promised this year that I will try my best to take time out to live a little.

 I wish everyone that we may find some time in our busy social, work and family schedules to sit back, relax and appreciate what we worked hard to gain- be it success, serenity, a little luxury or security.  It’s easy to get caught up in hectic calendars and responsibilities, but note that it takes crucial moments of stillness to make everything worthwhile.

   Christmas lights at Greenbelt are like Autumn:)
              lead lights  at Ayala Avenue

                   photos posted here belong to me..thanks to my good camera:)


  1. as always i love your shots! and yes your camera is really beautiful just like you! (walang bola ah):)

    sunnytoast: have i become a bitch?
    maria: oh yes you did, just like me! apir! wahaha

  2. this is my fave season! ang bait ng mga tao pag pasko!

  3. I remember the first time my mom told me that Santa Claus doesn't really exists, it blows my mind away as a kid and it destroys the spirit of Christmas, but as I grew up I realized that the real essence of Christmas is the Birthday Celebrant Himself and His gift of Life!


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