Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Reflection

Pink Sister church Tagaytay
 Once again we are in the season of Advent indicating that Christmas is just around the corner and I couldn’t remember any biblical or hymn during this season, thou I come from a catholic school and shame on me! But one thing I’m sure that as the year end and start a new one. I have to count my blessings and be as human as I can for the coming year.

  Christmas is a commemoration of God’s coming into the world. He came for all of us – believers and non-believers alike. His birth should bring us hope and triumph which will dispel the sadness from our lives. But after years of celebrating Christmas after Christmas many of us are yet to see that triumph in our lives and our hopes may be giving way to despair.

  I guess the real problem today is that we are waiting for God to literally come to us. We celebrate His birth just like that of any one of us – offering prayers, eating, drinking and making merry. We celebrate his coming into the world but we do not welcome Him into our hearts and lives.

  Yes, He has come into the world and is very much in our midst but unfortunately we refuse to recognize Him therefore fail to welcome Him. Amidst our celebrations this Christmas, let us pause a while to look around us to recognize that Jesus who was born into the world two thousand years ago. He is among us in every person and in every trial and tribulation we encounter in our lives. Let us take a moment to look around to recognize Him in those who do not have joy and peace in their lives.

  So as the year end lets try to focus on the blessings in our lives. Thou we tend to focus so much on what’s wrong with our lives- our job, relationship and other circumstances- we fail to notice what’s going right. It is often necessary to focus on what’s wrong in order to make things better. But ask yourself these questions: Are you dwelling  on what’s wrong because you genuinely trying to improve things? Or are you focused on all that’s wrong out of pure habit? Do you discuss your problems with other in a constructive attempt to solve them? Or are you just venting and reinforcing negativity in the process?

  Remember that we all have the power to reduce the percentage of time we spend focused on what’s wrong and spend this time appreciating what’s right instead. You will be amazed at how rewarding this shift in thinking can be. By focusing on the blessings, we will become more easily satisfied, loving, grateful and appreciative.

  As negative thoughts creep into our mind, learn to let them pass and replace them with thoughts about all that’s right instead. The best part of this change is that all it takes is a little bit intent, practice and repitation.

  So for this year..I hope we all focus to be more human! If  I’m a bit preachy with this entry..I just need to write this down:) 

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  1. i feel like crying reading this reflection..hehe.
    i can never thank you enough for helping me with dress and hair and face and ofcourse for the cam.. i sooo love you. and i thank God i've known you. having you as a friend is one of the greatest blessings i have for this year... drama much noh?hehe

  2. p.s. ateng sinali kita dun sa 10 questions na tag.dati pa yun eh. sagutan mo yun ah! heheh

  3. Very Nice messAge. It is right and reaches to the soul:)


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