Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Happiness Project of Stress

Having a Boss who encourage you to be the best you can is such a blessing.  She was right… I should count my blessings!

Last week I had misunderstanding with my co-worker who is actually from different Department. I tried to be logical with the situation and I couldn’t find any reasons to blame my Self.  I easily get stressed out with situations like this not because it was my fault but the stress I’m giving to that person but moving on I learned from it. I have to adjust and understand too few people who want the world to understand them. Okay! I can’t just delete you in this world. I’m not that bad so I’m giving all the understanding you need so when time comes when I need it, you give it all….the world…lol

And my first instinct is to eat when I am stressed out and a little shop therapy.
I’m in relationship with this brand for the last 4 months.  It is one of the first range of affordable and genuinely natural products in the Philippines.  I give this product two legs up!!!

All I know they are available in Rustan’s Grocery and Beauty Bar but only face and lip care. You can actually order directly to Human Nature website.

Mark and Spencer biscuits.  Big love to their Milk Chocolate digestives! I can eat it the packet in one seating;). Digestive biscuit are sometimes referred as sweet-meal biscuit. It said it has antacid properties and good for the fact they have whole wheat in them. I also bought the rich tea biscuits for my tea time:)

    A new books. The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling

    The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

     Plus J.Co doughnuts

Life is Good!


  1. Good thing, nasa ibang department si stressor kung hindi baka kung anong nagawa mo sa kanya. Hahaha.. Chill, Relax, see a movie :P

    I've been using Human Nature for awhile now too :) buti na lang they have a small stall sa Market2. The day and night moisturizers, the sunflower oil and face sunblock :) And lip balm too.

  2. Shutay tommy lang teh? ikaw na... Kung sino man ang nang-away sa'yo, sabihan mo lang ako kung kelan natin sasaktan!

  3. how come out of all the pictures, i'm curious what's the j.co doughnuts looks like. must be yummy :)

  4. Naglalaway ako ng rainbow.

    Yung J.Co wala na akong masabi jan kasi peboret ko din yan.
    Patikim naman ng Mark and Spencer biscuits.
    Ang anu kwento ng new book ni J.k.?

    May alam ka bang whitening tips? nyaha,.

  5. Hi Darling, like you im human nature products fan, been using all of their products for the last 8 months and will stick to it:)

  6. I've read The Casual Vacancy- It takes a while to get into but it is a good book!!!!

  7. Waah m&s digestives. Yum!! Anyway..wag mo ng isipin si stressor tulad di worth it ng stress haha

  8. maku wag mo na pansinin yang taong yan,
    at ang baet naman ng boss mo
    kumocommercial ka sa post na to ah

  9. Yeah! Life is good. I didn't know M&S has a biscuits...that's interesting..:) I would love to try it...:)

    I love the J.Co way...;)


  10. Hello Miss Sunny Toast :))

    Waaah alam mo bang breakfast ko today is yang donuts from J.CO (my sister bought it yesterday). Ang sarap nyang i-partner with hot cup of coffee!

    Gusto ko din mabasa yang Casual Vacancy ni JK Rowling :))

    Have a great day!

  11. Pareho tyo! My first instinct is to eat when stressed. Hehehe! =)

  12. I want to read the Happiness project!!

    P.S. wanna follow each other on bloglovin and such?


  13. nacurious ako kung tungkol saan yung book ni JK rowling :)

    barilin agad ang mga kaaway! hahaha (ang morbid lang)

    1. curious din ako sa book. kumusta ang karanasan mo sa libro sunny toast?

  14. Nacurious ako kugn tungkol saan yung book ni JK Rowling? :)

    barilin agad yang mga kaaway na yan! hahaha (ang morbid lang)

  15. nakoo, we really can't avoid misunderstandings in the corporate world. we just have to learn how to deal with them or else.. ayan na nga, nakakastress!!

    anyway, I also have the happiness project and so far I only got to finish January. too lazy to read lately. and I heard casual vacancy is a difficult read. tell us your thoughts when you're done reading it ah. :)

  16. You're seriously making me crave biscuits!

    7% Solution​

  17. Ahh I hope you really destress! You deserve it! :>

  18. Have you started reading the casual vacancy? Maganda ba?

    I like M&S's biscuits too. :)

  19. aww Human Nature din pala ang gamit mo... Super love ko ang Human nature...
    their product is really good sulit na sulit...
    Aaminin ko hindi ko pa talaga na titikman ang J.co hahaha
    ewan ko ba alang time o walang kasama lumafang hehehe...

  20. Bet mo din pala ang Human Nature .. yan din ang gamit ko... sulit na sulit
    Sa totoo lang na cucurious na talaga ako sa JCo... aaminin ko di ko pa sya natitikman.. siguro katamaran ko lang na itoý sadyain or walang kasamang lumafang

  21. Is JK Rowling's "new" book any good at all ?


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