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Holy Week Celebration

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From Holy Wednesday to Black Saturday, some establishments stop operations. People spend time with their families and observe Holy Week traditions.

As a Filipino who grow up in a Christian family we observe this tradition. I have a vivid memory on how my family spends the entire week. We refrain from attending any extracurricular activities within reason. On Maundy Thursday, early morning my Tatay (father) would turn on our 19th forgotten radio which in time for the local AM radio station plays back the story of our Lord passion and his glorious resurrection. I could still remember on how me and my sisters patiently stay in our bamboo sala and listen to the radio since we are not allowed to play with our neighbors. We also practice not to eat meat within the week, so for the entire week we only eat fish. Mom will prepare sumptuous fish recipes. Cgro lahat na yata, fried, daing, kahit ano ano pa! diet mode! Hahaha! at afternoon, Mama would take us to attend the mass and at night we will watched again our Lord Passion and glorious resurrection. Kung may exam perfect namin for sure!

On Good Friday, still not allowed to play outside and we participate the dawn Via Cruces or “The way of the Cross” this one thing that I loved to do, we wake up at dawn and via cruses would start from our church and would end up at the hill or the beach.  I love how the morning air envelopes me and seeing the sun shine on its glorious moment which one thing I miss staying in province, close to nature than the hustle and bustle of the city life.

At night we listen to Jesus Christ Seven Last words or also known as the Siete Palabras either in church via television or local radio.

Black Saturday, The Silence day! Commemorates the day that Jesus Christ’s body laid in the tomb. Mom has funny superstitious believe that if we get bruise or wound it would not be heal that’s why we try to behave as much as we can or rather slumber to bed. I guess mom technique works, were like silence of the lambs….hahaha..galing ni mudra! It’s also a preparation for us for the night vigil leading up to Easter Sunday.

At four in the morning. We attend the salubong ceremony commemorating how the Virgin Mary met her son Jesus who has come back to life. Everyone is happy that Jesus is alive again and that the world is back right.  On Easter day, grocery stores re-open and finally we can play outside the house with my neighbors. It feels like I was priosener in the Man of

These are my memories on how I celebrate Holy week with my family, when I start living on my own and chasing my dreams it has become a memory, I know this is not a good alibi; working in not so healthy and predictable schedules is a culprit or these tradition are slowly disappearing should I say. We the young once now use the Holly Week as best time for beach vacation.

With all the changes of our lifestyle and faith, I guess one thing should not change to us and as a Christian in celebrating the holy week, even if you are stuck in the city or in the middle of beautiful and siren beach is to reflect Jesus passion and suffering to us. This would be a perfect time to self-reflect and to be humble and young at heart.

As what Cardinal Tagle said:

“If we leave in the hands of God our lives and do his will, maybe a new life will spring forth from us. As we begin Holy Week, let us be like Jesus. Let us praise him and follow his example.

Life is Good!


  1. i totally agree, sunnytoast. seems like when we talk about holy week, beach or vacation is what people have in mind.

    1. nag evolve na talaga ang mga tao lol

      media has the influence nito kung bakit bakit bakit roootss hahaha kaso ang mga tao mismo ang ayaw magpapigil kasi sabagay un lang din ang panahon na mahaba ang bakasyon na makasama ang pamilya. =) halos nawawala na talaga ang tradition natin. =(

  2. Inspiring post... Perfect!

    Well, for sure you're missing the lenten celebration with your family since you're here in Manila. Don't worry we are here for you...

  3. That's true the whole point of this celebration is totally forgotten.
    And tama si Senyor... we are here naman to celebrate the season with you :)

  4. well kakatuwang alalahanin tong mga nakaugalian natin tuwing holy week
    pero since nakaestablish na ko ng good connection kay god ee nag iba na to para sakin nas maging meaningful
    later confession na samen need ko pa ihanda list kong mahaba haha

  5. am glad that the old tradition of holy week is still there. but it's not like it used to be though.

  6. It is known in the blogosphere that I'm a Protestant. But I was converted my new faith at 17, so we're talking about a decade ago.

    We were actually Catholics. And i know what was it like during the Holy Week. We were quite pious too, at least my grandmother. TV was not allowed. If we were to play, we can only do 'silent games', so we just spent our time reading and board games in hushed voices. And yes, we did listen to the radio... passively. We were just lying on cots and letting our minds wander as we listen to the radio.

    In the evenings we went to the church and there were a lot of praying and rosaries. i was just a kid. Couldn't remember all the prayers back then.

    And my goodness, the abundance of fish! hahaha! I didn't mind at all kahit araw-araw na pritong galunggong ang kinakain ko. Favorite ko na nga!

    Pero in fairness, the tradition imprinted a certain degree of piety in me.

    Tama ka din sa sinabi mo, our working conditions are gradually changing the religious traditions. Yung iba malulunod sa fleshly feasts sa beach when the week was meant to be a sober and pious vacation.

    Now that I'm a Protestant, I really don't have to observe such tradition, pero it's sad to see that many Catholics are not giving much attention to such observance.

  7. I'm so sad that I wont be able to take part of this year holy week due to my work.
    Totoo yan.. ibang iba talaga ang holy week sa probinsya

    1. the best pa rin ang holy week sa probinsya kasi madaming matatanda doon eh so they still practice our tradition eh sa city kasi puro nalang work ang nasa isip, i grew up in a city kaya nakikita kong halos wala na talaga ang tradition pag dating sa holy week.

  8. This is a good post para magunita natin ang semana santa. Ang iba pag holy week vacation na ang nasa isip. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a blessed and holy week :)

    1. nong bata pa tayo u think ang mga tao noon eh bakasyon din ang nasa isip at nasa boracay din sila? hihihi yan talaga nasa isip ko lately hihihihi

  9. Naku, isa pang naaalala ko dati tuwing Good Friday, bawal daw maligo after 3 PM kasi daw magkukulay dugo ang tubig and bawal din daw magkaroon ng sugat kasi di daw agad gagaling. Nung bata pa ako, naniniwala ako jan haha. Pero ngayon, I realized na its all a myth.

    Lent is the time to meditate and contemplate. Also, don't foget to give thanks our mighty Lord for all the bounty blessings he has given us :))

  10. kami naman every year nasa beach kami for 4 days pero di pwedeng maligo until easter sunday. haha. so lahat na lang ng laro nilaro namin para maaliw lang :)

  11. ay yan talaga ang namimiss ko sa holy week na to ng lumaki na ako lol kasi nong bata pa ako lahat ng sinabi mo dyan yon din ang practice namin d2 sa bahay, yong bawala din masugatan, manonood lang kami ng movie ni jesus etc. tapos yong sunday ng pagkabuhay eh 4am may prosisyon at may mga anghel sa simbahan, nakaugalian namin yon dumalo kaso nawala na dahan2x nong namatay ung lola ko kasi yon talaga ang haligi ng mga tradition sa pamilya namin hihihi

    i am nothing against din naman sa bakasyon mode ng mga tao ngayon sa boracay at sang lugar pa sa pinas kasi thats the only time na pwedi silang magsama sama sa sobrang busy nila sa isang taon. pero nakakamiss talaga yong mga bagay we once used to do.

  12. kapag ganitong okasyon busy din para sa Alumini Homecoming high school namin.....sunday to tuesday celebration..

  13. Nice post! =)Holy week also reminds me of binignit. =)

  14. tama talaga...if we cant really join church activities and so on, at least we would be in our most inner self to reflect on the passion of Christ...;)



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