Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hello March!

I’ll admit it. Thanks GOD we bid goodbye to the Love month! So holla March! I’d like to welcome you with open arms and give a serious, man to man taking to. With all due respect I demand the following over the next 31 days.
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1. The ability to wear my work uniform. Sometimes pulling an outfit together takes way more energy that it should. Such an occasional stress. I guess by wearing that Barney polo shirt uniform everyday will save me more time, money and laundry. Did I say Barney oh! Yes its purple…Barney everyday:)

2. The ability to jog outdoors without feeling like my lungs is clawing out of my body like an enraged cat.

3. A real money so I can grant my mom wish to renovate her kitchen and have a sosyal lang ng mother ko:)

4. Quit: signature coffee. This obsession must stop. I get obsesses with things easily and this is one of those things. Holly Molly! I should stick to 3in 1 coffee or the free coffee vendo in our office.This would save me a tad of cash.

5. Body Spa/massage. It’s been two months that almost every week I go to Spa. They said once a month is good however once every week is better. So I guess I still have a good excuse…lol

6. Read more books.

7. A road trip, everywhere…I need to be out of this busy city just a day or two

8. Kiss with the sun. I’m such a sun worshiper!

9.  Saying Yes. It might be the time to start saying No. “No thank you” works almost every time.

10. Contentment in little things.

Remember that nobody can make you feel anything. If you have rotten day you are the one who allowed it be that way. If it’s a great day, you deserve a credit for being positive. So start living our life the best we can:)
New month, new day, new date, new chapter, new chapter, new page, new wishes! Welcome March!
Life is Good!


  1. demanding ka sa 10 items mo ha... ano meron? sige wag ka ng magkape madalas sa SB... tipid tipid din... sana ma-achive mo anglahat ng iyan... go lang ng go!

  2. sunny toast, parang masyadong masalimuot ang naging pebrero mo a. hahaha! :) iaadopt ko ang ilan sa mga yan :)

  3. I can just agree with you, well almost. I don't want uniform in my work, coz I am a lady who likes changes:)Not fond of coffe too. But I respect your choices. We are all different.
    I wish I could go to spa kahit once a month lang. Dito kasi super, super mahal:)
    Nice tips by the way:)

  4. Haha love your list! Enjoy March!

  5. and its a sign that summer is comming :)

    #3 - it's so much rewarding to see that your mom is very happy because of grating her wish ehehe.

    #4 - im a coffee addict as well, too bad i have to stop the caffine intake this month. so goodbye coffee, soda, tea and choco drinks :(

  6. •haha sa first naku kaw pa kayang kaya mo yan
    •need ko din ung second!
    •haha ako dati ee adik din sa kape pero naun di na haha , ung kape ee instat lang di ung mamahalin tulad nung sayo ahaha
    •sakin goal ko matapos ko mabasa ung bible!
    •saya nyanwant ko din mag travel nu

  7. Beauty article cause for a first time I'm really in love about this month ! Blue sky, hot sun et smile on all faces, fabulous !

  8. 1. Fashion is fun. Pero wear something you're comfortable with.
    3. Pls do this for her. Kitchen is where our mom would really want to be at.
    4. I don't like coffee that much pero kung signature why not. Pero not at all times. Drink orange juice for a change.
    5. Walang masama dito esp kung stress ka..Pero O.a. ang once a week ha!
    7. Yung sa Mindoro! yung sa friend mo.. sama mo naman kami,

  9. Number 2 - isa ito sa mga goal ngayong 2013, fitness! Ma try din nga yung massage, ang rami mong list, wishing you the best the makamit ito! :D

  10. My work uniform is my regular clothes. I don't miss my old ones from previous jobs.

  11. uo nga natapos na ang love month.... parang di ko ramdam hahaha iba na ang single hehehe

    sana magawa mo mga bagay na like mong gawin ^^

    Keep smlling ^^

  12. wooh baka masunod ka pag nakiss mo ang sun! :) Literal pala.

    Yung sa jogging, di na rin ako nakakapag jogging kasi naulan -_-


    Andami mong gusto ngayong March ha :) Sana mapasayo lahat yan. ^_^

  13. I hope matulad lahat lalo na yung kitchen ni mommy:)
    Road trip ka dito sa ilocos malayo layo hehehe

  14. Time does fly so fast. Summer is already here and I hate it! Hahaha...

    I have an office mate who also likes signature coffee, you two should meet haha... I'm also a coffee addict but I'm fine with instant coffee for my every day fix. Expensive coffee is more of like a treat to me.

    I so miss going to spa but I don't get to enjoy it often 'cause I need to save haha...

  15. Kiss with the sun. Di kaba mapaso dyan? dyuk.

    Yes na.

    Good luck sayong March :)

  16. apir sa entry#8! happy march kebler:)

  17. I'm sure you'll gonna accomplish all that!...:) Good luck! I'd still wouldn't trade a signature coffee over 3in1 if I have all the resources though...:)


  18. yes.. its hello march! and we're gonna travel, eat, run and make our mothers happy :D

  19. I plan to read more books too :)

  20. I love this post. I love anything about March :)

    Such a "charming" list you have here - just do it ha ha anyway everything sounds practical and reasonable so why not?

  21. life is good indeed. goodluck on your list! :)

  22. I want #6. Nothing beats long hours of reading books. Lots of bookssss.

  23. Happy Summer month Miss SunnyToast :))

    Kakakaliw basahin yung 10 to do list mo!

  24. good luck on the signature coffee. but sometimes you just wanna have that occasional cup. that wouldn't be so bad IMO.

  25. Natawa ako sa man to man talk LOL. Sana maaccomplish mo yan. Lalo yung obsession with expensive coffee LOL

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  27. As Confucius once said nga; the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Sanayan lang yan. Try going without designer coffee for a day then increase bit by bit. If you relent to your weakness, then do it all over again the next day.

    This Lenten season I actually gave up something in penitence. I was inspired by our priest when he did the homily during Ash Wednesday. Sacrifice 1 thing you always do everyday that's not really necessary. Then the money you should be using for that activity, give it to someone who needs it. Ayun so I gave up something this season and the money I saved from doing so, I give out either as donations to the church or being a little more generous when tipping (I don't give to beggars kasi mas naaawa ako sa mga blue collar workers like taxi drivers, bus boys, delivery people, etc. Kasi I appreciate working for money. Nde yung hihingi hingi ka lang), etc. Basta give it out. In return I get huge smiles and a thank you. Makes the sacrifice all the more worthwhile. =)


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