Sunday, December 16, 2012

Simbang Gabi: Dawn Mass

Christmas in the Philippines is the world’s longest Christmas Season. It can mean one of many things: Christmas carols played every corner, Christmas lights twinkles all over the city, endless family reunions, traffic jam and shop till you drop days. Though there is definitely one thing you need to experience: Simbang Gabi!

Simbang Gabi is a Filipino tradition that translates into “Night Masses ” or “Midnight Mass.” It’s one of the longest and most popular among Philippine traditions. These Night Masses, or Masses at dawn is a nine day series of masses at Catholic churches where the mass begins at dawn (around 4am). For nine days, before Christmas, people would wake up in the middle of the night to go to church. Churches and streets would fill up with people. 

            First day: Simbang Gabi at Don Bosco Church Makati

    After the mass you can enjoy Filipino dilicacies. located within the church left side/infront
of parking lot owned and managed by the church
Puto Bungbong:) freshly baked!
 Suman malagkit, pichi pichi, halaya and leche plan are being sold outside the church:)
Taho: fresh Silken tofu
They also have thier own bakeshop!
It is noteworthy that Simbang Gabi tradition continues regardless of where we are. What is important is what inside our hearts, a profound meaning to it, something about our faith in God.
Simbang Gabi is celebrated during the advent season, we are actually requested to prepare and be watchful for the coming of the Messiah. Preparation would entail good deeds, not limiting it to the family circle but to everyone, especially those in need
I know it is difficult to be holy these days, and I for one is struggling very hard to be good.
Let's try to exert our best efforts for a little change:)
I wish you all a happy and meaningful Advent!
Life is good!

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  1. Love church and action :)

    I love your blog

    Please come visit my blog- Kisses ♥

  2. one of the many traditions in the philippines that i miss. thanx for sharing :)

  3. Hello Ms. Sunny Toast!

    Nag start na rin ang Simbang Gabi dito among the Filipino community sa Italy. Hindi nga lang ako part nun. I'm a Protestant.

    The church is really beautiful. I like the ceiling. Very modern. I miss pichi pichi and TAHO!!!!

    Anyway, Christmas season is really beautiful and memorable in the Philippines. Here, even if it's fitting to sing Let It Snow and White Christmas, you can't feel the warmth and coziness of the Christmas season, the way people feel it in the Philippines.

    Maybe because they don't have puto-bungbong, bonggacious parols, and vivacious Christmas lights. It's like any other normal WORKING day.

    But then the important thing is to be surrounded by loved ones and the whole family at the Noche Buena.

    Hay nako, I just wish may kayapos na rin ako this december. Pero masaya na rin at buo ang pamilya ko. hehehehe....

    Have a nice winter holiday!

  4. Merry xmas darling:)
    Enjoy the season with ur love ones:)

  5. ganda naman ng church mu,
    well im proud to say na nakaka dalawang araw na ko haha

  6. kulturang Pilipinong pilipino ^^

    Merry Christmas! :)

  7. kasama na talaga sa simbang gabi ang food after. mainit na tsokolate, puto bumbong at bibingka. yummy! :)

  8. Ang ganda ng church ng don bosco. Napunta ako dyan once. Lapit na Pasko. yey! :)

  9. Ganda ng ceiling ng Church ng Don Bosco. Ako nakaka dalawang mass na ako sa simbang gabi. Mabubuo ko ito! :)

  10. Come to think of it, I've never completed a simbang gabi and I don't think I'd ever will. It is one of those Christmas traditions though that I used to look forward to when I was young. Nakakahiya mang aminin, yung puto bumbong talaga ang habol ko hahaha...

    Don Bosco church looks nice huh, I've never been there.

  11. thank you for sharing this...I have never heard of Simbang Gabi...what a beautiful tradition!!

  12. the church is beautiful and unique!! namimiss ko ang simbang gabi, kung kelan ako tumanda, saka ako nagkakaron ng sungay. hihihihi merry christmas!!

  13. So true. We celebrate Christmas almost all year round!

  14. Such a lovely tradition. Your church is beautiful. :-)

  15. Sasali ako sa contest mo ha? Para if ever ako ang manalo, madali mo lang iaabot sa akin kasi magkabuilding tayo!

  16. sana makuha mo wish mo after ma complete mo yung simbang gabi

  17. Good for you naka pag dawn mass ka...hindi ako naka gising...nagkamali ako ng alarm...ung kakanin talaga ung nakaka miss pag may simbang gabi...:) God bless you and Happy Holidays nga pala sayo!!


  18. minsan lang ako makapag simbang gabi,, naiingit ako sa nagagawa yan

  19. It's always interesting to discover how different cultures celebrate these days. Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Happy Christmas to you and Merry New year... Para maiba iba naman hehehe..
    Hopefully makuha mo ang mga wishes mo this year :)
    lots of love to you

  21. simbang gabi is done during early morning or midnight to await the second coming of jesus christ. love the blog!!! and i miss blogging too!! :D will make up sometime before the year ends.

  22. Oh, I missed this especially the bibingka and puto bungbong later. ;)

  23. Ganda namn ng Don Bosco church! Sarap kumain ng bibingka at puto bumbong pag tapos magsimba sabayan ng mainit na tsaa! Advance Merry Christmas!

  24. What a beautiful tradition!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  25. wow, what a beautiful church!! it's so amazing, i love the Christmas decors too :) one of things i love most about Philippines is the spirit of Christmas :) thanks for sharing the lovely photos! xo

  26. We really have the longest and most festive Christmas :)

    Haven't had puto bungbong yet! Tsk tsk!

  27. I've never completed the whole Simbang Gabi, ever. Just don't have the willpower to wake up that early e. Although I'd attend a Simbang Gabi na at night talaga (say 9pm or 12md) pero not early dawn. Heheheh! =)

  28. Ginutom ako, girl :)Thanks for sharing this :>
    Enjoy the holidays ♥

  29. Aww love to see the faith

  30. I'm so envy that you gotta go simbang gabi, because I can't.. :( My class starts at 7:30 so I really can't make it.

    Love your blog! Wanna follow each other? :D

    visit my blog,

  31. Thanks for sharing this. Naalala ko simbamg gabi when I was justa child. At ang putong nabibili after mass.
    A nice tradition to keep:)

  32. Puto bumbong my all time favorite!!! I just finished eating 2 orders this afternoon, hehe. Great post! :)

  33. Those bottles look interesting!

  34. not one simbang gabi... maybe next year.
    but wow, meron talagang kakaning tinitinda sa labas!


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