Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moriones Festival

The festival takes place in Marinduque during Holy Week and culminates in the re-enactment of the beheading of Longinus. Entire towns are converted into huge stages as the story of Longinus unfolds.

"Morion" means "mask" refer to the colorfully garbed and masked soldiers and centurions during Christ's Passion, a part of Roman armor which covers the face. Morion serves as the focal point of the Moriones festival and celebrations.

The festival is a long week celebration and characterized by colorful roman costumes, painted masks and helmets, and brightly-colored tunics.


Thou the trip were a bit sickening but the experience was all worth it. I’ll definitely be back to explore more with this beautiful island. I guess true to its description the heart of the Philippines!

I have so much to be thankful with this vacation. To Ray for the wonderful and almost like hotel room I stayed and best of all its free and to Christine my travel buddy  for the funny segment and photography.

Love you guys and we still have alot of  Philippines festivals to watch!

Life is good!

Photography by me and Christine


  1. I can tell it was full of action and the masks were intimidating but I was fine as long as you were in the picture with them.
    Keep the good stuff coming and have a great rest of the week.

  2. Wow! thank you for visiting my site!

    The most compelling reason why i want to come back to Marinduque is the wonderful people. They are simply the best!

  3. i always wonder bakit ang gwapo ng mga maskara na yan? hehe

    in time, dapat ko din yan maexperience, 1st hand.. my festival na, may great beach pa. perfect pag holy week!

  4. Ang gwapo nga ng mga maskara nila, hehehe.

  5. @Odie...langey...thank you
    @Pinoy Adventurista...it's my pleasure and I'm planning to go back to explore more the island:)
    @Chyng....Go go go and they have good resto..di ko pa na post:(


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