Monday, May 16, 2011

Pahiyas Festival 2011

MANILA, Philippines — The Pahiyas Festival is one of the most popular, colorful, and lavish events in the Philippines. Held annually in the farming town of Lucban, Quezon, it is the local folks’ gesture of thanksgiving for a rich and bountiful harvest. Lucban is located on the foothills of Mount Banahaw. The festival, whose name is derived from “hiyas,” started as the local farmers’ celebration of harvest in honor of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers, peasants, and laborers. It began as a simple offering to the “anito” (pagan god) to invoke a bountiful harvest. The farmers and their families would gather their crops inside the small worship place where they would celebrate with food and a local drink derived from coconut. Over a century later, the local folks, incorporating their Christian faith into local practices, brought their finest crops to a much bigger church where the priest would bless and offer the crops in thanksgiving.Manila Bulletin

The festival start may 14-16 yearly. We drive all the way from Manila to Lucban where Pahiyas is held. I gathered some information through my trusted buddy google:)that there are 4 routes for Pahiyas, which means, only once in every 4 years a household would prepare for such extravagant fiesta.

No wonder that from the moment I reach the first block of the town my eyes are blinded with the burst of wonderful color, the houses are amazingly decorated which showcase Filipino talents and the best of all, the town people are so accommodating that you can enter their houses and delight in their company and food.

Writing about you and with the wonderful pictures to share is my only way of saying thank you!

The experience was truly colorful that I have to post another entry :) the wonderful hotel, food and resto:)

~ Life is a festival only to the wise. ~
RW Emerson

Life is good!

  Photography by me, Christine and Ray



  1. Hi Sunny, I really enjoyed reading about the festival. They have something to look forward to every year. You were looking very pretty in that wide hat you were wearing. I think it is so great that you share pictures with us and are in some of them. Just scenery and no Sunny would not be as awesome

  2. aba aba, fumefestival ulit, kaka-moriones mo lang. 2 ka na, ako di makaisa! =)

    bakit parang hindi crowded? yng sa ibang blogs siksikan galore ang pictures nila. hehe

  3. i love the pics and because of these, i want to experience pahiyas... hmmm... maybe next year!!! happy blogging day!!! =)

  4. thank you for your brightness
    your shining ways
    your amazing beauty

  5. I love all the colours in this post! Definitely visit the zoo! I always see something new! But then again Im sure your zoo is much nicer than ours =P You can save the snakes for me hahaha

  6. I love your "about me" - it's so wonderful and joyous! Very refreshing.

    Looks amazing - and that hat? AH AMAZINNNNG.

  7. WOW too many beautiful hats...
    My boyfie always make it a point to buy me one hat every year he attends the Pahiyas! And next year I'd be on my 20th and I wish my mom would allow me to go there already... :))

  8. @Odie...Thank you and those words makes me blush* should visit pahiyas festival with your small lovely ones next year:)
    @Chyng...tinutulak ko sila sa malaking kung bag...excuse me excuse me mag papa picture ako..ganyan drama ko..wahahahaa of the best festival:)
    @Angel-star...thank you for your wonderful words and thank you for the visit.
    @Suki of this day and I'll make sure to save the snakes for you...hahaha
    @ Lexy @ Quirky Explosion...thank you...I was really planning to change it "about me" but becoz of you I'll keep it that way:)
    @Vannchachay...You should plan your visit with this festival..lucban has to much to offer! enjoy and thank you for visiting my blog:)

  9. wow friend thanks for inviting to see your wonderful blog :) i said i while ago those picture of your is so nice, even small pic shows a vary large detail of what you've been experiencing out there =)

    .'I'm so jealous cuz even in your busy time you are able to manage to go to those place (how i wish i was there =P)

    ..btw im planing to make a blog =) uhmm i wonder if you can give me some piece of advise to start my own blog you'll be my mentor =P thanks in advance

    more blog!! and thanks ulit SunnyToast **


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