Thursday, April 7, 2011

Summer sunny toast!

It’s summer time again and most of my friends already kiss the sun and have fun at the beach. Everyone wishes to go someplace where you can relax and take a break.

I have been dreaming of escaping from the confines of my cubicle or better yet my incubator room to have a fun filled vacation.  Lucky for me, one on my good friend invited me to spend my holly week on his ancestors’ place that has a good beach and timely to witness the Moriones Festival which is included to the must see festivals in the Philippines.

Too much with my excitement that I have filed my leave on work one month advance and lady luck is with me it was approved. I guess I really deserve a breather after all I been through.

Let me just share to you my summer essentials for I’m so giddy and ready to bask into the sun!

*Hawaiian Tropic dark tanning oil sunscreen spray
*Banana Boat sunscreen lotion
*Kiehl’s face sunscreen (small packs)
*Nivea lip balm sun protect
*Burt’s Bees lip balm
*L’oreal Glam bronzer (perfect to enhance sun kissed skin)
* Zen Zest tangerine eau de toilette (fresh, playful summer scent)
*Mac Point Pot in otherworldy eye shadow (perfect to wear in transition into night party)
*Avon lipstick golden nectar (lips should come with the skin glow)
*Extreme Lipstick in pink goddess (to upbeat my lip color)
*Face shop pink nail polish ( I love it when my nails comes with the season hot pink summer:)
*Mango shades

My summer trusty bag a gift from a good friend Gtel

 hats and must summer read: Stern Men by Elizabeth Gilbert

And my summer music:Teenage dream, california girls by Katty Perry and Take my breath Away by Emma Bunton already downloaded to my net phone:)

So I guess I'm ready for my sweet summer escape but wherever you go, whatever season it maybe...we deserve only the best!

Life is good!


  1. you indeed is really ready for summer!!! nice post!!! =)

  2. Thanks Francine...hope your having one great summer:)

  3. My friend Thisisme over in the UK recommended I check out your blog and I ahve been scrolling down and you have some great posts here and I really like your attitude toward life. Hope you don't mind if I follow along. Have an awesome day.

  4. I dunno if I can have a getaway, my only getaway could be a respite from work. Hayyyy.

  5. this is one of my frustrations- to write a girly post! haay. slow ako sa ganyan, never imagined there's a gold lipstick in the market.. hehe i like the shades, pang artista!

    oh btw, there are pristine beaches in Marinduque. google mo, gow! =)

  6. AH SOOOOOO EXCITED FOR SUMMER! The sun FINALLY came out today. But gah, it was still cold!


  7. Sounds like a great holiday!!

  8. Wahhhh super lucky to be basking in the sun!!! We're lucky here if we even get a sunny day lol but Im glad you're living life to the fullest! Oh and thanks for the nice comment on my blog! I hope the pink doesn't over drown you eyes! lol


  10. @Odie...thank you for following and its my pleasure:)

    Sheigmarie...for sure you'll have one:) enjoy the summer

    @chyng...thanks for the info and I guess you can write better than me...what more of having the real genes:)

    @Lexy ....thanks for the comment..i wish you post more about your Nepal travel:)

    @Ann..thanks for checking my blog:)

    @uki pooki..ur blog is in the right mix:) thanks for dropping by:)

  11. nakakainggit ka -- i don't like going to the beach... andali kong umitim!

  12. @Orman...I don't have a great skin either nor the pearly white but I've learned to love my real skin di na ako natatakot sa araw as long as I have my sunblock:)..hope you'll have a great sweet summer and thanks for checking my blog:)


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