Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Barbie must be Shy!

I still feel bad not updating my blog. Weeks have passed and I though everything is okay with me. Accepted the fact that I’m just a human being, only thing that I can control is my emotions and not other people behavior. I just have to deal with this. Stressful thou! but I’m here to live and life is good! So I have to embrace this worldly given attraction of theory of negativity and turn in into something positive for my own good.

Wonder what would happened if your world is all about plastic? Not literally plastic things but people within you….try to imagine.. visualize...

Not healthy for personal growth but we can't avoid them...Barbie must be so shy..so plastic! and I don't believe in plastic surgery but in this case...yes:)

With  this people around me, I realized I’m bless and you make me famous lol.. seriously  looking at you guys as a motivating factor: to see life not in a plastic way but in a better way would lead me to a good life…thank you guys! 

Good thing I know where to shop happiness

Life is good!

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  1. Hello Sunny Toast!!!

    How are you?
    You have a positive outlook in life which I really admire. You inspire me a lot, whenever I feel down and lonely I visit your blog your writings and pictures makes me feel better. I believe most people who regularly visit your blog from different parts of the world would agree with me. How you express yourself really caught my attention, honest and truthful that gives me an impression you are a wonderful person inside and out. forget about other people's negativity. You're fine, you're perfect and you're beautiful. Be happy because life is good :) goodnight Sunny Toast continue to give us all an update and I will be watching from the other side of the world. Goodnight.


Life is good and It would be my pleasure to read your comments

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