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Happy New Year

I made no resolutions for this New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me. Wishing all my Blogger friends a Happy New Year and be safe!

Christmas Vacation..end!

Time flies so fast and my holiday vacation is over. back to my old nest!  work:) I'll be spending my New Year with good friends at the city! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hola Dinner !

 Food was blunt for me this past few days. I don't feel like eating.  Paolo suggested to grab our dinner at Mexicali! So a night of HOLA! HOLA! the taste of Mexican caballeros and California gringos! Burritos rule our taste buds for the night! Vamos a comer!   Life is good!  Photography by me  and paolo

The last time...

   Late last night, I was going through some small things and stumbled with this old Christmas Greeting card. I was stunned, amazed with the date written on it “Dec 14 1972” such an antique, a divine which leads me to ask my self, When was the last time I sent or received a Christmas greeting card from a friend or family members through snail mail?  Hmmmm...It took me an hour to response to my own question and I guess nobody’s doing it now!   In this world were social networking site almost navigate our world, facebook, twitter, friendster and multiply...etc snail mail has become 19th forgotten. So for this coming holiday I would go low-fi, not such a bad idea. There is something to be said about exerting the effort to buy stamps, mailing a letter and then waiting for it to arrive. When it finally does, there’s the anticipation of opening a sealed package meant only for another person’s eye. It’ll probably be quicker just to deliver the card personally, but I think having a stampe

Holiday rush...The Reinder and the black Hat

 Some people love to wear new clothes this Christmas and yes I'm one of them! This is my way to treat myself. Yummy! After all, I worked hard this past few months. I'm bound home in 3 days and I heard weather back home is so gay and I'm ready for it! black hat from Zara, Headband from bargain stalls, top from Terranova, knitted jeans forever 21, Scuba Fuchsia bag..I love big bags! Life is good! Photography by me and Romel

Home Bound

At Christmas all roads lead home. So this coming holiday I'll be flying back to the place where my heart belongs. I’ve been spending Christmas for 3 years  alone and this segment of my life is what I regret for. Though I had friends to cheer me up but it's still different when you're with your loved ones sharing about experiences as we do our best to move on with life, especially that another year is about to come. So  as the year end. I would like to thank my dear friends who celebrate Christmas  with me for the last 3 years. Looking at this old Christmas photos warms my heart  and felt grateful for the experience.  It taught me wonderful things about life. Being away from your family, especially during Christmas, is not that easy but the lessons you learned from the experience are all worth it.   To my wonderful friends..Thank you…Truly great friend are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget.  I wish you a meaningful Christmas! 3 days to go an

Black is Black

You can choose to be happy or sad and whichever you choose is what you get. No one is really responsible to make someone else happy. Black is black..bad is bad...It's gray it's gray.. I can't choose you,  not to much to's time! photos posted here belongs to me

Dawn Mass

Time flies and it would be the start of Simbang Gabi and no one can stop it! Christmas is here:) It’s been 3 years I been living in this tradition of attending Simbang Gabi. There would be times that I braved the cold breeze weather just to complete the 9-days novena mass but not a quite sacrifice for me. This is my only way to thank God for all the blessing he has given to me. Simbang Gabi literal meaning in English is “Midnight or Evening Mass” but notably called Dawn Mass.  It is actually held 9 days before Christmas. It is noteworthy that the Simbang Gabi tradition continues regardless of where we are. What is important is what inside our hearts, a profound meaning to it, something about our faith in God. Simbang Gabi is celebrated during the advent season, we are actually requested to prepare and be watchful for the coming of the Messiah. Preparation   would entail good deeds, not limiting it to the family circle but to everyone, especially those in need. I know it is difficu

Mcdo Love ko 'to

 Since its inception, McDonald’s is a customer-oriented company that strives to offer Filipinos a combination of great tasting, quality food products at value prices with excellent service. They recently held a refreshing course for customer service for Makati area Managers at Mcdo Valero. I was invited and delighted to take part of the training. Areas Managers are well trained to offer the most relevant customer delight experience to every customer who enters to the world of Mcdo. Why do I love Mcdo let me count my ways? 1. Free and Clean Toilets - McDonalds has the same standards around the world.  We knew that if we had to go to the bathroom, we could duck into a McDonalds without fear of having to pay a fee or buy a coffee. 2. Coffee to go - I don’t think it is part of the Filipino culture to drive or walk with a coffee in hand.  It is a tradition to sit down and savour a rich and delicious cup a joe while visiting with friends and soaking in the atmosphere.  But today our