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Holy Week Celebration

photo via From Holy Wednesday to Black Saturday, some establishments stop operations. People spend time with their families and observe Holy Week traditions. As a Filipino who grow up in a Christian family we observe this tradition. I have a vivid memory on how my family spends the entire week. We refrain from attending any extracurricular activities within reason. On Maundy Thursday, early morning my Tatay (father) would turn on our 19th forgotten radio which in time for the local AM radio station plays back the story of our Lord passion and his glorious resurrection. I could still remember on how me and my sisters patiently stay in our bamboo sala and listen to the radio since we are not allowed to play with our neighbors. We also practice not to eat meat within the week, so for the entire week we only eat fish. Mom will prepare sumptuous fish recipes. Cgro lahat na yata, fried, daing, kahit ano ano pa! diet mode! Hahaha! at afternoon, Mama would take us to attend the

The Happiness Project of Stress

Having a Boss who encourage you to be the best you can is such a blessing.  She was right… I should count my blessings! Last week I had misunderstanding with my co-worker who is actually from different Department. I tried to be logical with the situation and I couldn’t find any reasons to blame my Self.  I easily get stressed out with situations like this not because it was my fault but the stress I’m giving to that person but moving on I learned from it. I have to adjust and understand too few people who want the world to understand them. Okay! I can’t just delete you in this world. I’m not that bad so I’m giving all the understanding you need so when time comes when I need it, you give it all….the world…lol And my first instinct is to eat when I am stressed out and a little shop therapy.   I’m in relationship with this brand for the last 4 months.  It is one of the first range of affordable and genuinely natural products in the Philippines.  I give this product two leg

Hello March!

I’ll admit it. Thanks GOD we bid goodbye to the Love month! So holla March! I’d like to welcome you with open arms and give a serious, man to man taking to. With all due respect I demand the following over the next 31 days.   photo via 1. The ability to wear my work uniform. Sometimes pulling an outfit together takes way more energy that it should. Such an occasional stress. I guess by wearing that Barney polo shirt uniform everyday will save me more time, money and laundry. Did I say Barney oh! Yes its purple…Barney everyday:) 2. The ability to jog outdoors without feeling like my lungs is clawing out of my body like an enraged cat. 3. A real money so I can grant my mom wish to renovate her kitchen and have a sosyal lang ng mother ko:) 4. Quit: signature coffee. This obsession must stop. I get obsesses with things easily and this is one of those things. Holly Molly! I should stick to 3in 1 coffee or the free coffee vendo in our office.This would save