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Jason Mraz Live in Manila 2013

I still have syndrome of Jason Mraz Live concert at Araneta Coliseum and since I don’t want to forget the experience let me share it to you. It was my little bro who push me to buy a ticket for this concert. I guess this is included on his bucket list and Yes! He is a big fun of Jason! In-spite of heavy rains and long queue lines, we went to see Jason Mraz performed live at Araneta Colliseum last May 14 2013.  Jason brought along a full band consist of nine talented musicians/performers with him. A double bassists, drummer, violinist, pianist, and other more.  The concert was upbeat and lively. Jason did not only showcase his voice but also his dance move:)      Opening act was Zendie, perform 6 songs and the only thing that I remember is “Go the Distance and       “Hallelujah” song. There was a 30 minutes idle time as the crew set-up the stage for the main act but          when Jason Mraz reappeared on stage, face the exciting audience, blow a kiss and hit hi

I know what you did last summer!

As what I have promised to you guys on my first blog entry  is to share to you the beauty of Pico De Loro at  night!  So divine and romantic! I guess its perfect for couples:) One thing I love about summer is the feeling of being carefree and just the smell of it can make me fall in love again. We all love a little getaway to a sunny beach with a glass of wine and a beautiful summer night:) The Buffet dinner was set on the Brisa Bar  They have coaster for easy transfer to anywhere  in the resort! so waley dramang walkathon!     Buffet Dinner! Lafang mode na! food war!               A live band was playing to make the night more romantic! pero dedma! lafang mode parin!      Sweets for the night before tequila shots:) The band playing reggae and feel good chilax chilax:) Tequila shots:) Our DJ for the nite! using his IPAD! Anong ngyari! deform ang facelaro! hahaha! na sobrahan sa pa cute! The tequila roulette! dahi