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Everything has its time, nothing money mental is created made in a blink of an eye but in the end you are the one who put them on together. You decide what fits. It’s all up to you! Oh beach just in 4 days I'll be with you. I can almost smell you Life is good! photography by me

Best day of my life

We often see each for we have our own lives and living in a different city. So when time allows us to meet I consider it the best day of my life. I recently had lunch with my sister hours from her  flight schedule. She was here for academic stuffs and to check her students under her supervision who are having summer practicum. I don’t know why I’m writing this but for sure deep in my heart a lot of reasons to be thankful with my Sister. She is the one who pushes me to chase my dreams, to step my feet into this jaded city world, to get a life out of our native land for she knows it’s one of my small dreams to live in my own, work and be independent.  She financially provides me at times when I was looking for a job. I know my words are not enough to say thank you and even thou I’m still on the path of looking and searching for my dreams. Waiting for it to turn into something you are always there for me smiling and listening to my rocky road journey.  I assure you my loving sister

Summer sunny toast!

It’s summer time again and most of my friends already kiss the sun and have fun at the beach. Everyone wishes to go someplace where you can relax and take a break. I have been dreaming of escaping from the confines of my cubicle or better yet my incubator room to have a fun filled vacation.  Lucky for me, one on my good friend invited me to spend my holly week on his ancestors’ place that has a good beach and timely to witness the Moriones Festival which is included to the must see festivals in the Philippines. Too much with my excitement that I have filed my leave on work one month advance and lady luck is with me it was approved. I guess I really deserve a breather after all I been through. Let me just share to you my summer essentials for I’m so giddy and ready to bask into the sun! *Hawaiian Tropic dark tanning oil sunscreen spray *Banana Boat sunscreen lotion *Kiehl’s face sunscreen (small packs) *Nivea lip balm sun protect *Burt’s Bees lip balm *L’oreal Glam bronzer (

Barbie must be Shy!

I still feel bad not updating my blog. Weeks have passed and I though everything is okay with me. Accepted the fact that I’m just a human being, only thing that I can control is my emotions and not other people behavior. I just have to deal with this. Stressful thou! but I’m here to live and life is good! So I have to embrace this worldly given attraction of theory of negativity and turn in into something positive for my own good. Wonder what would happened if your world is all about plastic? Not literally plastic things but people within you….try to imagine.. visualize... Not healthy for personal growth but we can't avoid them...Barbie must be so plastic! and I don't believe in plastic surgery but in this case...yes:) With  this people around me, I realized I’m bless and you make me famous lol.. seriously  looking at you guys as a motivating factor: to see life not in a plastic way but in a better way would lead me to a good life…thank you guys!  Good thing I kno