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PBO Outreach Program: Silid Aralan Inc

PBO (Pinoy Bloggers Outreach) held its 3rd outreach program last June 1 at Montalban Rizal Town Center. The chosen beneficiary is the Silid Aralin Inc. Silid Aralan, Inc (SAI) is a non-government organization who serves its purpose in facilitating children’s discovery of their inner potential, purpose, and love for learning. SAI caters and facilitates underprivileged and low performing students. SAI believes that every individual is intelligent, thus, it helps low performing students to reach their full potentials.  It was founded on April 12, 2007 by Arcie Mallari. The idea that was to be Silid Aralan, Inc. bloomed in 2004, when Arcie lived in the Payatas dump in a personal immersion experience that would impact his life forever. Arcie built Silid Aralan out of his experience upon meeting a young man in Payatas. He asked a high school student to read from the bible but it turned out alarming. The young man held the Bible and looked at its words dis concertedly; seemin