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3rd Year Anniversary!

A couple weeks ago the company that I’m currently working celebrates its 3rd year anniversary at  Opus Restaurant & Lounge Resorts World Manila with a theme: Hollywood movies. Our department decided to go for Sex in the City the wedding scene while others go for Pirates of Caribbean, The hulk, Spiderman, Cleopatra, Black Swan, Moulin Rouge, Snow White, Transformer and many more. I must say that everyone knows how to follow dress The night was fabulous from prizes to giveaways. To its overflowing wine, champagne and cocktails and I never thought that Opus is serving a good food! Let me share to you some of the pictures that I must say I marry the night….lol     That's all folks...sorry for the pictures overload       I have to say thank you to Jae, who was my partner in crime for that night!  From the dress and to my make up….big thanks...I love yah!    And one thing for sure being Carrie Bradsha

33rd Manila International book fair 2012

In this day and age, the internet and television have become most people’s main form of entertainment and reading is becoming a thing of the past and I guess this is the reason why I don’t have a television for almost 5 years. I don’t like having a television at my room; it eats too much time instead of doing something productive. So whenever it’s my off or rest day and no errands to do I read a good book but I don’t limit myself to just a book. I also read countless magazines glossy or not and newspapers which my mom and friends hate me…my room looks like a stock room or should I say a mini library on the making.   So when Bibliarch bookstore gives me a free pass to the 33rd Manila International book fair 2012 at SMX Convention Center of SM Mall of Asia, there is no way I’d pass this change even thou work is in between.   This is a good way to promote the love of reading!  Every Child to read more, learn more, understand themselves.... Busy? Pressed? Exhaused? Li