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MAC Zac Posen Makeup Collection

What I love about MAC cosmetics is that they always give us something new to look forward. This time they collaborated with designer Zac Posen- known for creating classic formfitting gowns worn on and off the red carpet, He debuts his very first signature makeup color collection last month.  He takes a cue from his own design methods—feminine form following its function and showcases his carefully chosen color palette, which is made for all skin tones.   photo via Posen finally said yes!  "It was time to tease the world with what our beauty world would look like," he said.  Zac Posen for M·A·C 'Haute Couture' - A red carpet essentials for every day:) Gorgeous packaging - so chic and alluring!   Powder Blush Duo A matte bronzer with subtle orange undertones and pink blush. They can be worn separately for your standard hint of color or layered for a striking contour.  I love the texture of the bronzer shade and it's a bit orange

There's gotta be more to life!

Oh my blog, how I miss theee….I actually wanted to update it, a lot of things have happened and I will try to share it with you in the coming days. I guess the most pivotal is visiting home 3 times within the past 4 months. The place where I belong and love is real. It’s really surprising, even our dogs were mesmerized with my sudden chance. I guess it comes with the age…lol or should I say I become part of the animal kingdom with the highest stage of brain surgery… As you grow old spending time with your family matter most. Life is short, this is the best way to live the so called life. Along with those long home vacations which mostly spent at home and the beach, I was able to write some sensible in  a most acceptable manner that my 16 gig brain cells can do. 1. Say Thank you a lot. This is truly one of the most powerful, underrated phrases in the English language. It packs a heck of a punch, encompassing positivity and impact in two little syllables. Many people ha


Animal print is trendy yet so challenging to wear. The key here is moderation. If you opt for an animal print top, it’s a big NO to partner with the same print unless you want to look like an animal kingdom.  I believe that animal print has most impact when it forms a focal point of your outfit- not the entire outfit. One of the easiest ways to wear it is by teaming them with black, white or neutral colours. This is such a crisp, timeless look.  Denim and chambray are also considered neutrals and they also make good leopard print partners. Ok! enough with the roaring and katy Perry lyrics:) via my instagram via my instagram  I think I'm in the prime of my life that Life is Good!

Counting stars

via Lately, my life has been full of counting. counting hours until work is over, counting bad relationship I had in the past that nothing seems last! (holly crap! love department seems so cruel and rude to me! ) counting the money I spend on things I need (and a lot of things I don’t), counting the days till my birthday. Sometimes counting calms me down, makes me feel life is like a nice warm apple pie. Divided into four equal manageable slices and inherently surprise by virtue of its crust. It has an element of entertainment in every slice. But sometimes it fills me with anxiety and dread, as if every good thing was running out of time and every bad things was rushing towards me. I wonder when I’ll stop counting.  I wonder when I’ll be able to loosen my grip on every little thing I do, and just live. I want my actions to be generous and deliberate, not hampered by second-guessing and impatience. I want to find something divine, some greater sense of liberating, d

An affirmation that flowers are good expense

Back as a kid, I would love to pick a handful of wildflowers and putting them on empty jar. It’s just one of the random things I love doing other than swimming all afternoon and picking up seashells at the beach. Today, as an adult living in the fast paced city life. I realized, I have become one of those who love buying and taking pictures of flowers. (not the expensive arrangement from a flower store that cost an arm and a leg).  A habit I’m trying to continue each week. It’s nice to buy things that simply make you smile.  If only I had the photography chops and a perfect natural light coming from an open window. My photo's would be divine. Which a factor that I should consider if I plan to look for a new apartment. but for now, I just need to change the paint to white and a good wall lighting will do the trick. I would buy flowers during Sunday at Legaspi flea market and Wednesday at the right side entrance of Baclaran church, they are fresh and pocket friendly

H&M Philippines

You might be one of those who had been eager to have a peek, shop and saved moola since first hearing the widespread humor that H&M(  Hennes & Maruitz store) was opening in Manila. People asking: is it true? When? Whichever category you were in, face the truth you have been made aware, consciously or not. How could you not? There was infinite surge of H&M model clad bigger than life billboards in Edsa, flooding instagram photos, twitter and in facebook. The campaign was quite massive. Let’s admit it! So yesterday it finally happened. The Swedish fashion brand opened its door in the Philippines at SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall. Hardcore fashion lovers and goers lined up as early as Thursday afternoon thou a private party for VIP shoppers got a preview before the day it was opened to public which charmed countless Filipinos because of unending updates of their social media accounts. I did not of course, manage to be among the first few shoppers