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Solo Travel: Why it's best while you're single?

In the decontextualized words of the Biebs “baby, you should go and love yourself” and nothing says loving yourself like going on a solo trip. With my total control and putting down all my fears behind and the value of the phrase “Go for it” I headed off on my first solo trip on the day of my birthday. I could tell you I decided to go away alone, because I wanted an adventure, I was about to burn out and needed a break and why Sagada? Not that I’m bruised ego or broken hearted or wanted to sing where do broken heart goes at the top of my lungs then shout out all my I’ll feelings at the Kiltepan peek. I know that it’s nice to have someone to cuddle with in Sagada’s cold temperature, one degree colder than Baguio, a walk town which is perfect for me ( love.. leisurely walk) . A close weather encounter to my dream destination. All I wanted is to be with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I want to commune with nature and be with myself again. #soulsearc

MAC Zac Posen Makeup Collection

What I love about MAC cosmetics is that they always give us something new to look forward. This time they collaborated with designer Zac Posen- known for creating classic formfitting gowns worn on and off the red carpet, He debuts his very first signature makeup color collection last month.  He takes a cue from his own design methods—feminine form following its function and showcases his carefully chosen color palette, which is made for all skin tones.   photo via Posen finally said yes!  "It was time to tease the world with what our beauty world would look like," he said.  Zac Posen for M·A·C 'Haute Couture' - A red carpet essentials for every day:) Gorgeous packaging - so chic and alluring!   Powder Blush Duo A matte bronzer with subtle orange undertones and pink blush. They can be worn separately for your standard hint of color or layered for a striking contour.  I love the texture of the bronzer shade and it's a bit orange