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Let it go!

Yes, I went away for an extended holiday with my love…this blog with the full intention just to give more time for myself, to enjoy every moment of so called life and to straighten up some little issues. I don’t know exactly what happened, except that I was literally in a different world and I was having a good relationship with my bed. It was soo beautiful. To be honest, I did not feel like touching my laptop. I felt out of groove, out of touch with reality.  My depression wouldn't go away. I don’t want to simply post an excuse...“I just don’t have time” the lazy procrastination monster.  I knew there were things to be taken care of, I was even questioning if there was a purpose to it all.   This post is probably really boring. I think its okay, it’s not like I have a professional blog right? I can choose to be a little self-indulgent:) I was scared to look at my blog. Fearing all the fellow bloggers have given up on me.  It’s no fun without having supportive, kind fe