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How's your Valentine's day?

My Valentine’s Day was a bit special. What I though was going to be the usual stay home and watch sappy love movies with popcorn and beloved cheap wines. What I’m trying to say is that when your boyfriend is out of nowhere to be found you got to make that day special in your own way. Here’s how it all panned out: Morning Love.   I bathe my love! I guess it goes with the saying man’s best friend and best of all they love you back:)   My   Online Shopping . Found these lovely scarves with good deal prize at Cashcash Pinoy and yes!  hoarding!  Perfect! Hello rainy days:) Dinner . At Mom and Tina’s Baker &CafĂ©  A dinner for two:) Massage . At Nuat Thai.  I love having a massage for one or two hours of pure relaxation from stress and responsibilities. We do things every day for everyone our family or the reason why you are working. So having a massage would be rewarding and can do a world of good. I love thier Aromatherapy mess

SunnyToast: New In!

* Eye Glasses - Thank God my vision is down to 150. Ohh! Optical Boutique has reasonable eye package deal and fashionable frames. * Speery Top Sider - sharp looking and go pretty well with everything. I chose the classic one . Y ou can change the shoe lace to make it more dramatic from basic color s to neon. * Claire Scrunch Flat - by Deflex this is my best friend as of now! Perfect for errands. It has a two layered footbed insole and it hold perfectly. Available at Payless * Croc E ffect P iping T ote - I always need a big bag and found this on sale at Mango ! It has a classic touch and the d esign is not boring.:) Love is the most wonderful of all feelings in this world:) ~Big love for everyone this valenti nes ~   Life is good!!

I have spent a significant portion of my life watching sappy romantic movies with ideal couple with guaranteed happy ending is such magical thou expected. I know this is terrible but there is something about them that just seem slightly attainable and relatable to our own life. Not all of us have been assigned a Mcdreamy in this lifetime. Yes! I still have a huge crush with Derek Christopher Shepher of Grey's Anatomy. I’m sorry guys. So you’re single because you’re single. It’s not because you weird, fat or you dress like out of nowhere or it’s not because you did not promptly follow the love chain letter instructions that you have to send it to 20 people close to you. You’re not single because your standards are way too high. It’s good to have standard at least you know what you like.  You’re not single because you did not learn enough from your past relationship or go out on a Friday night after work and have a bottle of beers with your guy office mates instead you