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Thank you!

Last week was my birthday..oh  yes!  I'm getting older for better... I guess:). Thank you for all the greetings, to my FB wall, phone calls, emails and dinner...thank you! I guess those are enough reason to count my blessings! cheers to good life! I did not plan for a big party since I'm jobless:) but happy. Seriously, I'm in battle of signing a new job contract or to take a little time for myself and spend holidays back home. I guess it would be perfect! spend Christmas with a real people that dear most to you....what  do you think? So two of my girlfriends surprise me and we had dinner at Italianni's Restaurant Bonifacio High Street. I adore Italian Food. I have good enough reason to believe that I'm a Sicilian native in my past The classico-thin-crust pizza was superb. Just the way a slice of real Italian pizza should be - fresh, thin and crunchy. The toppings, uhm…delizioso! and another one, the shrimp and mushroom linguine pasta- a yummy version o

One Step

Life as always has a funny way of sneaking on you... Oh yes! I resigned from my job. It was the smartest choice.I need to save myself. I am the only one who can rescue me! No one else so I finally end up  my relationship with Advil.  I'm thankful that I have a loving family and friends who support my decision. To my workmates that I worked  for 2 years "thank you" -for the few:). The laughter and coffee break surely I will miss  but with the external   stress we both shared you can have it all. Whatever comes with my decision, I know I can go higher and I'm better than before. ♫ ♪ Brain Mcknight sings to me...never lose hope..never lose faith...there's much too much at stake upon myself I must depend ♫ ♪ ( win) Before I start anew...I need a breather....let me share to you some of the photos:) And thank you for sending this photo and reminding me that I'm oh yes..that's my name...should I say

Laugh and Live

To avoid the misconception that our problems are permanent, is to laugh at them. Just throw your head back and laugh in the face of fear and in the midst of struggle. Life is serious enough without you having to be serious about it. One of the greatest aspects of being alive is play. without exception, people need play. People whose live are lopsided with work have a lack of appreciation for play. Thinking their lives are serous business. they give up play too readily. They think they cannot afford time away from work and chores. Instead, they grind away, insisting that staying alive means work and rest in an ending cycle. When we're laughing, I think we're learning. It opens our minds up and makes us more creative and innovative. It helps us to view our challenges from a unique perspective. When you laugh and you play, you are having the moment-to moment experience of you at your best. Doing such activities is  a gift to yourself. You're nurturing yourself with the same

Starbucks Planner 2012- time to ingest gallons of caffeine!

I don’t have a problem with caffeine. I have a problem without caffeine…oh yes! I’m a self confessed coffee-holic. Last year, I suffered from gastritis due to over consumption of coffee but it didn’t stop me, my blood type is coffee and caffeine isn’t a drug, it’s a vitamin.:) So I switched to decaffeinated coffee (decaf). This coffee has less caffeine or 97% of its caffeine has been removed. It works with me. I no longer suffer from inflammation… goodbye antacids. I must admit that I love Starbucks,  (aaminin ko to, na-eenjoy ko talaga yung kape ng Starbucks bakit ba…social climber..OO ako na..hahaha.) so I often spend my rest day at WalterMart Makati Starbucks with a good book. Since it’s the nearest branch at di msyado maraming otaw…di magulo. Apart from their coffee, I’m a big fun of the yearly planner. Not for me but for my sister.  She has been receiving this gift from me for 3 years in a row na. sosyal at katapos back to 3 in 1 brown coffee na So by tomorrow, C

Happy Halloween

 Halloween here in the Philippines is not like the Halloween in the Western countries. Although it’s a big holiday (comparable to Christmas here), we celebrate it in a different manner. Halloween in the Philippines lasts from the eve of October 31 (or even before this day) to November 2. Due to our strong Catholic background, Nov. 1 and Nov. 2 are spent remembering our dead loved ones and these dates will usually find most of us in one place only: the cemetery or the memorial park. We don’t celebrate it with pumpkins or trick-or-treats (although this Western tradition is sometimes practiced in some families / subdivisions here). We celebrate it through candles, flowers, prayers and a visit to the cemetery. You might think we have a very boring Halloween here. I mean, cemeteries, graves, prayers, etc. make it look like a serious affair. Not so. Spending Halloween in the cemeteries is a fun event. It’s like a mini-reunion for families and friends alike, a chance to have fellowship with

Last Night

Last night was a celebration for the one who chose to be free-welcome back to single hood my friend:)... timely it's been months since the last time I get sober. The original plan is to get sober over love at Tabo Bar but sadly it was reserved for a private party so we end up at Central Makati. I been into this place and never failed to impressed me. I love the place and the crowd. From all ages and different walks of life come together for the love of booze! Good thing the owner of the bar is a friend of a friend so we are able to secure a waiting in vain and bonus for the night I meet new friends:)   (Top from guess, pants from Topshop, bag from landmark and gladiator shoes from Charles and Keith) “Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.” I do hope everyone was able to have a little R&R with your weekends to  help you face Monday fresh-faced and on the top of your game. Life is good! change or not to change!

Well Monday is here again. While this of course means the weekend is over, it also means a new week of unlimited potential lies ahead and I do hope this ideas will help you have a happy, productive and meaningful week:)  picture via google To Change or Not to Change? I believe we absolutely can change, if we really want to. The key is in deciding what it is about yourself that you want to change, and then stopping first to consider why. I would never again want to change to make another person happy. I actually believe it's impossible to make anyone else happy. We can each only make ourselves happy. So changing in order to make someone happy is inevitably going to be frustrating and, likely, ineffective. But changing because you want to make yourself happier, that to me is a worthy reason to change. And, really, the only worthwhile reason. Life is good!  -have a great week-


We are human because sometimes we feel like outcasts or weirdos, but that is just something that makes  us  unique. Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and that some days you are the statue. People might raise eyebrows and even make fun, but as long as you can shrug and say "Hey, that's just me" and leave it at that, people will ultimately respect you for it, and you'll respect yourself. I came across with this wonderful  pictures and inspirational thoughts from tumblr that I feel empowered, inspired and I thought of sharing.   Life is Good! And if you have much time please visit this Blog< click here> . I was a guest post last week for "Monday Inspiration"..thank you Starlight..much love:) -have a great start of the week-

October…a new month

Goodbye, September thank you for being so good and hello October! Happy new month!  so I started my new month attending a baptism of my old friend little angel Nathan. I love attending baptism for it shows parents intention to raise their little angel to know, love and serve God. (I'm wearing: Blazer from Zara,top from Forever 21, Jeans from topshop and shoes from Schu) when life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile  wishing everyone to have a good month! Life is good!