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To my father, thank you for the 59 years!

 few of the last photos with him:( I know that I haven’t updated my blog for months. I have considered you guys as my family. I thought that I would pass this terrible news. Unfortunately, my father passed away last July 3 at the age of 59 of a brain aneurysm. We thought that he could make it through but unfortunately things took a turn for the worse. He passed around 1 am. I had never seen anyone die before. My dad went peacefully but still, it was awfully hard to watch. I had my hand on left hand the whole time. My little brother held a hand or rested his hand on his leg. His heart- he had an amazingly strong heart—stopped beating first. His breathing stopped in fits and start after that. Maybe two minutes, maybe three. Those are minutes I will never forget. My Dad is a man of few words, but he has thought me many things through his actions, which are not always big but genuine and sincere. He’d really someone that I respect and look up to. We may not spend hours t