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Busy Bee

I was definitely busy for the past few weeks. Joggling between work and personal life drama but it turns great.  My little sister is back on town for school and need to make sure everything is okay for her. I’m acting like a big sister or Mom and I miss her so much! Buy staff that she needs….  and again…makes me run out money…lol Show to her what city can offer...@ Photo exhibit I’m surprised at how much my younger sisters have grown up but still I’m taller and she’s bigger than me but I swear to God I’m genuinely happy for her. Dinner with Friends.. Dinner....  and again....   Worst work schedule…been working 27 hours a day Time to go home and hit the sack..grab more sleep! But no matter what it's my choice and happy about it. I guess hard work is such a wonderful thing!   So time for Buckle up...a little reward won't hurt me:..I miss everyone:) Life is good!