Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Animal print is trendy yet so challenging to wear. The key here is moderation. If you opt for an animal print top, it’s a big NO to partner with the same print unless you want to look like an animal kingdom. 

I believe that animal print has most impact when it forms a focal point of your outfit- not the entire outfit. One of the easiest ways to wear it is by teaming them with black, white or neutral colours. This is such a crisp, timeless look.  Denim and chambray are also considered neutrals and they also make good leopard print partners.

Ok! enough with the roaring and katy Perry lyrics:)

via my instagram
via my instagram

 I think I'm in the prime of my life that

Life is Good!


  1. lovely pix.

    i agree with the matching with animal print...but might i say, it was the print in your back that grab my attention, not the animal print :)

  2. Is that a real tattoo on your back? Boy, was I amazed at how you braved the needles if in case that's actually inked on your skin. Not that I am afraid of needles, but I can so feel the pain just by looking at it. Hello from my blog!!! I just updated it too, so people would know I am still alive. Hehehe.

  3. THE BOMB!! Clap clap clap! you're sooo gorgeous :)


  4. Beautiful outfit! I love the open back and the leopard print!


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