Saturday, October 18, 2014

H&M Philippines

You might be one of those who had been eager to have a peek, shop and saved moola since first hearing the widespread humor that H&M(  Hennes & Maruitz store) was opening in Manila. People asking: is it true? When?

Whichever category you were in, face the truth you have been made aware, consciously or not. How could you not? There was infinite surge of H&M model clad bigger than life billboards in Edsa, flooding instagram photos, twitter and in facebook.

The campaign was quite massive. Let’s admit it!

So yesterday it finally happened. The Swedish fashion brand opened its door in the Philippines at SM Megamall’s Mega Fashion Hall.

Hardcore fashion lovers and goers lined up as early as Thursday afternoon thou a private party for VIP shoppers got a preview before the day it was opened to public which charmed countless Filipinos because of unending updates of their social media accounts.

I did not of course, manage to be among the first few shoppers of the store, for the unreceding length of the queue was enough to kill off my inborn appetite for shopping…lol the truth is I have work that day which is a good excuse for this money trap:)

However, I’m still on the verge of curiosity and I know one of this days. I will find myself inside the store roaming and wondering around or if patience strikes me. I'll wait for the SM Makati branch to open which is way more accessible and most likely the hype already dissipate at that time.

I just wish that collections they collaborated with international designers likeAlexanderWang, Isabel Marant, Versace and Lanvin are available on the rocks and armed with a plentiful array of undergarments, accessories and bags.

Most of all, I do hope that H&M Philippines will hold to its brand know to be a wallet friendly fashion house than its foreign counterparts.

happy shopping! 

Life is good!


  1. saw a post from my friend about the opening of h&m. i could not believe the long lines. #crazy

    in terms of collaboration, that's the only time i would normally see a que at h&m. i just saw the alexander wang collection and i like the sporty vibe. i might actually join the que once it becomes available.

    1. The alexander wang collection won't work with the kind weather we have here in the Philippines:)parang kc ang kakapal pang snow but I guess "the cold never bothered me anyways” nalang ang drama:)

  2. I've been hearing about the new H&M opening up in the Philippines! Must be exciting. The lines for grand openings and collaborations are always so long!

  3. I've seen the photos on their facebook page! the common scenes that you can see whenever a new store opens. Two things: if you will not go their on the opening you will missed the great discounts, but crazy line! second: you will visit the store a month or two after they opened and yeah... no big discounts compared to the opening. hahaha! :D I am excited to visit Manila soon. :D I have to save moolah for this, but I like their website though, the price are posted in PHP! :) Affrodie konti pero the quality is okay.

    haba ng sinabi ko ah.


  4. I used to shop a lot at H&M because it´s very affordable and the quality was nice back then but lately, I think the quality´s not that good anymore and my local H&M store doesn´t carry pieces which I´m looking for. I hope that the ones that you have over there are nice! :)


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