Thursday, October 23, 2014

An affirmation that flowers are good expense

Back as a kid, I would love to pick a handful of wildflowers and putting them on empty jar. It’s just one of the random things I love doing other than swimming all afternoon and picking up seashells at the beach.

Today, as an adult living in the fast paced city life. I realized, I have become one of those who love buying and taking pictures of flowers. (not the expensive arrangement from a flower store that cost an arm and a leg).

 A habit I’m trying to continue each week. It’s nice to buy things that simply make you smile. 

If only I had the photography chops and a perfect natural light coming from an open window. My photo's would be divine. Which a factor that I should consider if I plan to look for a new apartment. but for now, I just need to change the paint to white and a good wall lighting will do the trick.

I would buy flowers during Sunday at Legaspi flea market and Wednesday at the right side entrance of Baclaran church, they are fresh and pocket friendly than flower shops.

Now let me count the ways in the most sensible and acceptable manner why you need to buy yourself a flower:

Because arranging them in a vase or your precious mason jar might scratch a creative itch.

Because it’s a relatively small gesture that will supply you with pleasure for days to come.

Because having beautiful surroundings help you to be the best you can be.

Because your favorite flowers don’t get the appreciation they deserve — except from you.

Because otherwise you might try to care for yourself through an unsupportive habit.

You’re a grownup, who have work and you can.

Nobody’s ever bought you flowers- the worst case.

Because looking at them stirs up emotions.

Or maybe you’ll inspire someone to do the same for them self.

• And it's worth a try.

Life is good!


  1. That's wonderful that you are buying flowers on a weekly basis. You have inspired me the next time I'm out to pick up a little bouquet from the market. It's the little things that make all of the difference. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. i've been thinking of buying fresh flowers as well on a weekly basis for my office but it does cost an arm and a leg here :(

  3. You had convinced me to buy myself some flowers the next time I pass by the flower shop near where I currently live ;)

    1. I want to see it. Post photo in instagram;) miss yah!

  4. So nice. You are buying flowers and smiling because of them.

  5. Buying flowers also support the vendors who makes a decent living. I am just fortunate that I can pick some from my garden when flowers are in bloom. By the way, the photo with the book is awesome. It speaks a lot about you.

  6. Great photos! I love buying flowers for myself just because. :)

  7. I love flower and plants (especially cacti) there's just something so amazing about them. Especially in the morning, I love staring at them. xx

    FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @kennydaily

    1. I used to love cacti/cactus bck in our home but someone said it brings badluck so mom sent them away;(

  8. I never get them because they get messy!

    7% Solution

    1. When they get messy it only mean one thing time to get a fresh one;)


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  10. I bought a yellow rose flower in pot last time. I'm not really into flowers but maybe there's a part of being a woman that sometimes unconciously nilalapit ang sarili sa flower. What I have in mind naman, buy yourself a flower when you're sad.

    (" Sa Mata ng Isang Probinsiyana ")


  11. I never fancied flowers ever since but I agree that those small gestures put a smile on someone's face. It is nice to be surrounded with beautiful things; even if it is as small as those wild flowers on mason jars.

  12. Hey! your pictures look great! will add you later sa Instagram ha....toodleloo!(pinchofthoughts)


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