Friday, September 7, 2012

September Love!

I believe this time of year just might be my favorite apart from christmasy time. For the mornings alone that seems to offer just the right amount of brisk breezes and then the transitioning days, that warm mid-way to near summer temperatures and drizzling night to cool off perfect for bed weather. It's beautiful time!
So September, please be great, be cool, be nice, be fun, I wish evrything turn out better and well for everyone!

Gold watch+red shoes! I'm loving it!
New top+Metalicus! You can check their website
   famished+grabbing sandwich and bread@Rustan's Gourment to Go
For salad Lover's!
I love nerds and currently using this Magic check tint cream by Sophie Paris given to me by my friend!
Its perfect since I'm not a whiter than snow! just a little red cheek kiss:) it works!
You can check thier fab products:
        Bibliarched Fullybooked Glorietta3 really love's me! but truly I love the staff of this bookstore! everytime I visit
          or just pass by they would always recognize me and never forget to say Hi!  Thank you for the ticket
 pass for the 33rd Manila International Book Fair 2012!
     Shea butter lip balm, Honey Cream Simply Lip balm! We all need this but be careful not over-use, your lips
 might turn into a plump and juicy-licious treat you could just get
 bangs let's do it and room for rent at the back will do! lol
Invitation arrived for girlfriend's wedding! flight and hotel booked! so Bicol see you this
    end of September! gonna start searching for a dress and on what to do with my
2 days free time...any suggestions?
Perfect for my table!

All I can say I’m excited that September is here, this Sunday will be my first anniversary party with the company I’m working with at Opus bar resort world and next week a little reunion with college friends fresh from UK and last days of the month will be a short vacay:)
"remember that living your dream is nobody's business but your own"
Life is good!


  1. Magic Pink! best friend yan ng cheeks ko. hehe

  2. Wow you're gonna be as busy as a bee this month... Hope things work well with you and you enjoy your lil rendezvous.

    P.S. I am praying for a cooler weather too... :(



  3. Wow sis, more rampa ka this Sept! Like ko din yun magic pink ng Sophie, at saka ang nerds, hehe

  4. love that last quote there
    im also looking forward for a great September keeping it positive

  5. So nice your september...our september is rain and thunders...and the hot hot days..and the occasional breezy days...which then turn into rain and thunder the pics you must be a blast to hang out!

    The Black Label

  6. BER months are my ultimate favorite! well, that and the summer months too! haha! where did you get your Eiffel tower decor? i so want!

    thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  7. Eto na nga ang BER months wala ng makakapgil pa! Ang bilis no? I love nerds too!

  8. awww…september is still chaotic for me. it's sooo stressful! those gourmet sandwiches and salads are to die for, by the way…i love sandwiches!

    glad to know you're having a wonderful september so far though. <3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream | a cebuana's personal style blog ♥

  9. the eiffel tower or the skull>?

    .. ber months na noh?

  10. Happy September!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    Sosyal ni te! :) Stay hepi!!

  11. Hey, thanks for the greetings. Medyo late nga. Hahaha. Pero oks lang. Oh really? When? PM me or whatever.

  12. i always love ber month, the weather is just perfect!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  13. Love the place with different gourmet sandwich and I love/hate September.

  14. have a great September Sunny! Love the bangs!

  15. ber months na.....patok na naman ang mga may inuman ng san miguel beer,hehe...

  16. love tha bangs and the balm:))
    i love september too!!!

  17. awww... I love September too! :) <3

    Yer pretty, love the bangs and the lips. :) The skull! :O where did you bought it? My friend also have it on his desk and in crystal. I think they are really pretty on desk. :)

    Jewel Clicks

  18. Cute cute pictures! I'm also salivating now. TASTY LOOKING TREATS! :)

  19. Hey dear nice blog here!
    Wanna follow each other? I'm following this cute blog right now, and I hope you will follow me back, it would be great to keep in touch!
    Last time by Ylenia Labate

  20. Tinatamad na kaming magMakati dahil sa traffic but it seems we're missing quite a lot, keep your awesome positivity!

  21. Naka-relate ako sa dalawang bagay, I love Nerds and I'm going to the MIBF too! Looks like you got many things to be thankful this September :D

  22. i love nerds too. bongga ka talaga. try mong magwake boarding sa free time mo sa bicol masaya yun =D

  23. You have so many friends who give you good gifts, that's good. Continue to be blessed!

  24. How I wish I could be there at the Manila International Book Fair!

    There's something about girls wearing red shoes. It's daring and it has a certain impact on men. Hmmm... Like a femme fatale, hehehe...

    yeah, september is a big deal for almost everyone. In the fashion world (although I'm not a fashionista), it's their January. I just remember the documentary September Issue. Hmm... I wonder what Anna Wintour is up to these days? Hehehe...

    I hope you'll have a great time this month, and the days to come!

  25. I love the Eiffel Tower. And I can't believe I forgot about the book fair :((

    Please join my new Thread Manila giveaway, if you haven't yet:

  26. lovely pix especially the sublime hint of the red shoe on the first pix.

  27. September is a really great month I agree :)

  28. san bayung sandwich gourmet po? was it good?

    nice table top..but i prefer more the eiffel tower..


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