Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy BonChon!

If there is one day that we dread the most in our life, it is a Monday! We struggle all week with our daily chores and long for the weekend. But once the weekend finally comes by, it goes away faster than the wind. And then we have to face the very much depressing Mondays. So I do hope that everyone was able to recharge and relax.

Lucky I’ am that I have good friends to spend my weekends. We went to church for spiritual vitamins ,dinner  and grab a cup of joe at Starbucks.

We decided to try the sensational Korean brand of crispy chicken wings at BonChon Chicken for dinner .I heard so much raves about this thru twitter and FB status and good thing its available at Greenbelt 1.
If its weekend expect to wait a minutes for your order. jumpacked and tao sa branch na 2!
But one thing that captures me is the clean white paint which gives a relaxing
ambiance and the art works on the wall, makes me want it and run it home...lol:)
2 Chicken wings ( small) hot and spicy P185
4 Chicken chop with rice (P125)
wahaha...forget the name but we order 4 of this:)
All I can say is that I'll marry you Bonchon! The skin is really crispy and I guess no added layer of flour. The sauce keep on teasing me to take a bite again and again! First love is the chicken wings hot and spicy. It has a unique crispy flavorful wings and less greasy experience that I ended up eating two and half rice...grh! The chicken chops are boneless, sliced thin for added crispness. Easier and faster to eat, with bursting flavors and ideal for lazy chicken addicts. Bon Apetit! ...so the next thing we do since stomach are full, grab a cup of Joe and best in chikahan portion na!
You need to savor each mouthful. You're not eating to survive. You're eating to live and be happy!

(Sorry for the crappy  photos, I only use point and shot camera)

Life is good!

How was your weekend?


  1. Hi Sunny, we had a cloudy, rainy weekend, perfect for catching up on my school work. Feels good to be a little ahead of the schedule for this week. One of my all time favorite foods has to be chicken wings and the hotter the better. I could tell you had a really good time. Savor the good times.

  2. looks like you had so much fun! :) i also read good reviews about BonChon. and with your photos, I can see that they're reliable. c:


  3. well it seems you turned your monday into a very fun one!!!!

  4. Di ko pa na try sa BonChon. Sabi ng sister ko masarap nga daw. Will try it soon!

  5. as much as i like the food the artwork of bonchon got my attention the most.

    saya mag foodtrip kasama ang mga espesyal na tao.

  6. i love bonchon! hindi pwedeng isa lng ang rice dito.. mapapa extra rice ka tlga! :)

  7. Eat, Drink and be Happy for tomorrow we die. hehehe

  8. hi girl, i love your blog and your style! thanks for your comment and for following my blog. you seems like a happy person, hope we can be good friend! followed back!

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  9. Hi Sunny! The food looked great. Glad you all had a great time. I dislike Monday's too. HAHAHA But your post sure put a smile on my face. Happy Monday! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  10. That chicken looks very good indeed!


  11. Hey Sunny!

    I've always been curious about BonChon but gotten mixed reviews. I know people who call themselves ambassadors because they love it so much. But then my teammates would say it's overrated. Haha. So I still haven't tried it. Plus the Ayala Triangle branch is always full. :/

    So how is it? Worth the extra effort of walking to Greenbelt from Ayala? Haha

  12. When I attended our Family Day last Thursday, the speaker told us something about the way we perceive Mondays. We thank God for Fridays, we say Enjoy Saturday! And also Have a blessed Sunday, but when Monday comes, we speak of it as Monday blues. Come on, we must not be this negative. We must see Monday as the best day of the week for without it, the week won't finish! Happy Tuesday!

  13. Looks like you had fun this weekend Sunny. The chicken looks yummy. I had a coffe morning on Saturday to help my sisters businees and we had a family get together on Sunday, so it was all good. Keep well. love Linda x

  14. see you on Friday, yes?

    dala ka camera!

  15. Mondays are always the worst! You always look like you are eating delicious food.. I need to hang out with you haha!

    Love! ~Angel

  16. i love bonchon! my bestfriend and I can eat dozens of bonchon chicken. LOL.

    I also had a fun weekend considering that one of my friends had her debut! :D

    love lots,

  17. Seem you have a great day with them. :)

  18. Nice to have lovely people around to make life good.

  19. I dread Mondays too! But I would love to try bonchon - everything looks delish :)

  20. There's BonChon in Shangri-la too accdg to my college classmate. Kakaopen lang. She said, its a must try. Natakam ako bigla. :)

  21. cool post! looks like you had fun x

  22. Wow, looks yummy!!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  23. Enjoy eating, Enjoy living. Lovely thought. You always have such great friends around you. This is a lovely post. Xxxx

  24. :)
    my weekend was sad and fast thank god. Now im in a rest mood.


  25. Hi Sunny, everything you said in the beginning is so true. But since we got the week off Papa E didn't feel unwell, haha!
    Weekend was lovely, thanks. It was a bit chilly but still sunny.
    You're post made me hungry ah, ang sarap naman nung chicken, yummy! =)

  26. hi Sunny, i don't know but, i didn't like Bon Chon... probably just didn't fit my palate... Me and my friends had dinner there and no one liked it, too bad. But still, I guess many people love its sweet flavor. To each his own...

  27. Looks like a wonderful time and a wonderful meal. Great photos.

  28. Looks great! Have plans to eat there one of these days. =)

  29. yumm!! That all looks so delicious. And you & all of your friends have a great sense of style - love all of your outfits!! xox

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like. :)


  30. Wow! Great Monday you had! :) The food looks so delicious. If there will be BonChon here in Cebu, will definitely try it! :) Thanks for sharing.


  31. My weekend was great! The wedding was so beautiful and we had so much fun.
    It looks like you had a great time with your friends!
    Thanks for your lovely comment!

  32. Chicken overload weekend!

    2 1/2 rice? Whew. Basag ang diet. LOL.

    Gonna try Bon-Chon. The chicken looks delish.

  33. we tried eating in bonchon megamall once. we didn't like it. though the chicken skin is good, the rest were tasteless. :(

    btw, i think you weren't able to follow me. i followed you na rin anyway. ;)

  34. hey, thephotonoobie here... :D
    lookin at the food, im droolin. hahah. :D
    i followed back... hope well become blogger buddies... :D

  35. Sarap ng mga pagkain. Gusto kong makapunta sa Bonchon!

    Thank you for the visit.

  36. I have read a lot of good reviews about this chicken brand.It really looks yummy nga!

  37. hahaha. love it. hope we could exchange thoughts together. now following you hope you follow me to..♥

  38. sarap nang buhay! we spent our weekend hiking tapos went to daughter's soccer practice...:)

    you're beauty always stands out from the crowd...tangkad mo teh!


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