Thursday, July 28, 2016

Solo Travel: Why it's best while you're single?

In the decontextualized words of the Biebs “baby, you should go and love yourself” and nothing says loving yourself like going on a solo trip. With my total control and putting down all my fears behind and the value of the phrase “Go for it” I headed off on my first solo trip on the day of my birthday.

I could tell you I decided to go away alone, because I wanted an adventure, I was about to burn out and needed a break and why Sagada? Not that I’m bruised ego or broken hearted or wanted to sing where do broken heart goes at the top of my lungs and shout out all my I’ll feelings at the Kiltepan peek.

I know that it’s nice to have someone to cuddle with in Sagada’s cold temperature, they are one degree colder than Baguio and it’s a walk town. It’s a close weather encounter to my dream destination…someday #sunnytoastdreamneverstops
All I wanted is to be with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I want to commune with nature and be with myself again. #soulsearching ito..#pak #ganern
So two days before my birthday, I booked a ticket to baguio via Victory Liner with their deluxe bus,  I needed a good sleep since I’ll be living after my wee hours work stopover,  comfortable set,with c.r. at the rear, stewardess instead of conductor and ridiculously strong air-conditioning.
So I spend the 4 hours travel by catching up more sleep then I woke up around 4am in the morning with chill kiss of Baguio weather, went off and grab a taxi heading Dangwa and bought a bus ticket for another 8 hours travel to sagada.

Being alone does not mean you are a loner. I’m not exactly an introverted person- I’m loud, outgoing and prone to talk your head but traveling solo has allowed me to explore more.

Travelling alone will absolutely changes your life  and let me take the rounds of what I learned something several wise people had discovered before me and why travelling solo is best for you!

1. You embrace yourself
It’s awesome to have a good times with friends and travel with your squad, but you don’t need anyone to make you happy. When you travel alone, you develop a belief in yourself and an appreciation for who you are.
You choose what you want to do and how you want to experience the new place. Maybe you spend one day seating on one of the local café shop, reading your favorite book or just looking around watching people go or the next day hiking or watching the sunset and sunrise. It’s your call.  You decide what makes you the happiest.
It’s your time to explore the place on your own and in the process you get clarity on what brings you real happiness. There is nothing more liberating than to travel alone and the best experience you can have in your lifetime.        
2. You expand your comfort zone

When you are alone, allow yourself to open up and meet new people. Remember that individuals are more likely to attract people alone than with a group or when paired.

Ito yong sinasabing aura aura time! #Charot! So don’t be afraid to talk to strangers.
You have the opportunity to interact with new people, whether out of necessity or  by chance, you end up becoming pretty comfortable with saying hi when you otherwise might not have. It’s up to you to reach out but who knows what friendships you might make when you do:).
3. A Better measure of Patience.
Travelling, gives you a better measure of patience. You learn to have patience with things that are out of your control, like delays, weathers, long hour bus drive, etc.
4. Having a greater independence.
Travelling alone comes with greater responsibility. You are in charge of everything but at the same time, your independence gives you greater flexibility.
You are more open minded, more willing to take risks and more seduced by the adventure in exploring.
The success of your journey all depend on your own and desire. If you can travel alone, you really can do anything. You are strong, smart and stealthy.
5. Have different view at your material possessions.- You learn and practice minimalism
There is no better way to dematerialize your life than going backpacking. You learn how to live without many thing you once though were impossible to live without.  You are force to go with the least possible. You just carry what you NEED instead of WANT.
6. Love and Compassion – This could be one of the most important things you get to learn about yourself when traveling solo. 
You travel for yourself, to re-discover yourself, to experiment with your life, to explore what’s in you.  Whether conscious or not, traveling alone serves as a catalyst for the love for oneself –thanks to the constant ease of introspection.

So what are you doing now, clear your schedule, booked a flight or go to a place that you been wanting and dreaming!

But before anything else, leave your problems at home. Travelling solo gives you a rare opportunity, and offers you a brief time in life when you can be completely free. Not only will you be free from your everyday responsibilities, but also from trying to meet everybody else’s expectations and playing your social role.

You can go wherever you want and do whatever things your natural rhythm and desires guide you to do. No matter what activities you decide to pursue, you’ll get to do them however and whenever you like. So go ahead and turn off that phone. Forget about whatever worries you have waiting for you at home or work.

Open your eyes and prepare yourself for a journey that will engage your mind and touch your soul.
Life is good!


  1. Whenever i read your entries, i always feel like life is truly good. I really love your "Life is good!" shout out ending. It's always true to your experience. Yeah, kinda envious of your. Life's so bitchy to me. hahaha!

    You know, i travel and go on road trips a few times by myself too. People think it's sad. Pero enjoy din naman. There's a different joy that you experience travelling alone from the joy you experience travelling with friends and family. When you said "You decide what makes you the happiest." It's so true and many other people do not understand this. Because they can't find happiness in themselves.

    I'm so happy we can be strong and independent, di ba? Pak ganern! hahaha!

    Kahit 2018 pa ang plan ko na uwi sa Pinas, I get so excited when i see entries like this. Pero i won't be travelling alone to Sagada. Mahirap eh. Medyo engot din kasi ako. Hahaha!

    1. Thank you. At first takot din ako kc engot ako when it comes to direction good thing..sagada is organized no need to worry so push mo na pag balik pinas...and I'm dreaming new York;)

  2. I've tried solo day tours but I haven't tried solo traveling that would take at least an overnight stay. Still hoping I'd find the courage someday, hehe. Congrats to your first solo adventure SunnyToast. :)

    1. Thank you and yes I stay at sagada for 4 days then one day sa baguio. kinaya ko sya it was a moment that I was alive #charot

  3. I totally agree with this! Embrace yourself! travelling indeed gives us something that we can keep for ourselves forever, it gives us a different kind of happiness!

    1. And open your eyes and prepare yourself for a journey that will engage your mind and touch your soul...push mo na ang solo trip mo:)goodluck!

  4. awww.. I agree on this article. great write up such an inspiration for all those who would like to travel while still single.


  5. Kumusta na..salamat sa pagiging bahagi sa walong taon ng blog ko..thank you....isa ka sa pinapasalamatan ko....

    Happy 8 years......

  6. Kumusta na..salamat sa pagiging bahagi sa walong taon ng blog ko..thank you....isa ka sa pinapasalamatan ko....

    Happy 8 years......

  7. Did you go caving and went swimming in the falls? parang I can't imagine doing those adventures alone and to think I have relatives there and I've been there twice.

    1. Hi Nikki! No...i didn't go caving or spelunking coz it will take too much of energy...hahaha my only goal is to relax and enjoy the place. I did some walking around the town, most time spend in resto..enjoying a cup of coffee and a glass of wine at night😍 I met alot of new friends by just doing it💋 Planning to visit again if time allow❤️

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