Monday, September 22, 2014

Nacpan Beach El Nido Palawan

It’s been two months that rain keep on saying Hi and hello! So lagi tayong ito ako! basang basa sa ulan! at baha-mas island!

For the fashion goers, it’s perfect for layering and scarf-a-day-ootd.

Thou, I can only enjoy this kind of weather during bed time and rest day. Which I cocoon myself all day, sleep and enjoy a cup of joe then back to bed without worrying my electricity bill for the next month. Kasi malamig na:)

Yes, sleep is a luxury for me. With the kind of work I have. So pardon me.

I’m done with all those night out booze and doing nothing until wee hours…I’m a retired bitch or should I say I’m giving myself a favor or it comes with

With this gloomy weather, let me bring you sunshine by sharing my Nacpan beach El Nido Palawan adventure with my brother! I know, we all wish for a sunny weather these days. So I have a reason to post it:)

So if you’re wedging your own island for your next summer ganap adventure count in the Philippines 7100+ archipelagic challenge, there’s one tiny spot down north that promise of a pure nature bliss and perfect instagramic view.

Situated in Sitio Calitang, approximately 17 kilimoters north of El Nido Town. The twin beaches of Nacpan and Calitang are prime attraction of the mainland.

You have two options to get here; you can sign up for an inland tour or rent a motorcycle.

The rent for the motorcycle is 700Php for whole day. We both know how to drive, but I’m the lazy one, so brother does the job.

Other than the famous Elnido island hopping activity, you can also beach bum and enjoy the glory of summer.

Never mind the bumpy ride from the town proper; what awaits you is a pristine white sand and clear water that can rival boracay.

The best part: It is completely secluded, no thickening swarms and   loudening buzz of its neighbors. So get here now, and it’s all yours.

Cream sand beach decorated with coconut Trees.

We laze around all day, blissfully satisfied to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life:)

Life is Good!


  1. oh god, i miss the beach.
    and this beach is really nice, perfect for sunbathing.


  2. I've always wanted to visit El Nido. Sana soon, mapasyalan ko 'to. :)


    1. Yes, you should...Palawan/El nido is perfect summer ganap:)

  3. Oh wow! I can't wait for summer. I guess I have to include El Nido on my list.

  4. Pak! Nakakamiss tuloy mag beach! :) And this post reminds me of "dapat mag El Nido ka na, Jewel!" Big A naman sa effort ng sand art! clap clap! :D Ingat lagi, lalo na sa baha-mas! :)


    1. Correct big A for effort tlga brother ko...hahahaha... He learned it from his OJT in boracay astoria:) so sweet lang nya:)

  5. Amazing place, beautiful pictures!

  6. wow... Palawan is such an amazing place. i live there before for 5 years. i miss that place.

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  7. The place looks immaculate! I wanna go to Palawan too :(

  8. This is such a beautiful place. I love beaches and spending time there! Amazing look fab!


  9. This place is divine. It's a paradise. But what I find so beautiful is you shared the experience and the adventure with your brother. That's what I heart the most.

  10. I love all of the photos! The place looks sooo beautiful <3 Wish I could get away to someplace like this.

  11. OMG such a beautiful place! great pics. xx
    Instagram @littleprettymess

  12. please have me in your luggage in your next summer ganap adventure! i miss you muchos!
    uli na kit uep kamingaw pa...

    1. Nov uwi ako sissy! To celbrate may birthday;) uwi ka din! I miss u;)

  13. ba't sobrang ganda!? kaka inggit dear :)

  14. Woah! I really miss El Nido. I want to go to the beach! As in now na! I find myself agreeing with you. I've also retired with partying and drinking booze every day. I like to sleep more and have some "me" time now that I am getting older. I enjoy rainy days only if I don't have work kase basang sisiw ako pag may work. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  15. What a breathtaking beach! Love that you shared your photos! It's gorgeous!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  16. Maka tuwad naman friend.


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